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  1. Well, I also tried to do this. The first number is invalid in Germany and the second number is only a voice computer that send a link via text message on my phone after me requesting help to activate a game. On this site I am asked how many digits the first part of the product key contains. All I could answer was to choose inbetween: 6-digits, 7-digits, help and help for installation Windows 10. But the product key is divided into 5 segments with 5 digits. So this won't work as well.
  2. Hi, I guess this problem was already mentioned in previous topics, but I want to start a new one since I was searching through the web without finding any solution. I recently bought some Logitech/Saitek equipment but unfortunately neither my instrument panel, my multi panel nor my switch panel worked with my FSX. I also tried to solve these problems by installing several drivers from Saitek, Logitech or SPAD but none of them worked. So I decided to reinstall my FSX. After the game was successfully installed I was asked to activate it. Entering the product key from the inside of the box was not successful, because it's not longer supported by Microsoft. Does anybody know how I can still activate the game? For your information I only have the standard FSX version. No Acceleration pack, no Deluxe pack. I am also thankful for every hint regarding the issue with my Saitek panels. Thanks, Chris
  3. Hi, I‘ve created my own liveries of common airlines because everyone gets bored by those default paints. I use the basic white explosion view and paint it, create a new texture file and modify the aircraft.CFG. Afterwards I can easily choose it. Is this way also possible for AI traffic airlines? If yes, where can I find it? I don’t want to buy addons for this. Thank you. Chris
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