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  1. I liked iFly 747, but was having hard time finding updated/new liveries. Maybe that changed now, but when I got it a few years back there seemed to be a lack of available liveries. In the end, I moved to PMDG and parked iFly primarily due to lack of liveries.
  2. Well, they do have military aircraft available, of a few different types, in the later stages,so THERE IS an ever-so-slight connection to aviation, however indirect it may be!
  3. Fellow Simmers - Does anybody have an advice on how to setup x-plane 11 traffic such that AI air traffic matches the locale? So I don’t, for example, run into an MD-80 SAS in Juneau, AK. Thanks in advance! Max
  4. For 777, I went with PMDG. Also tried CS 777 but, like you said, it was quite terrible. Good thing I bought it for so cheap. It never ever saw any real use, really. Don't know if they have improved it any, but no need to go to it now that I have PMDG. 757 is decent, I think. Definitely can get your value for the sale price. I have flown a few routes with it recently, with their (Captain Sim's) most recent update to it. I am using 757 III.
  5. Well, early in my test flight (after having reinstalled GNS), and the aircraft had latched onto the navigation course and is following it. Thank you for the suggestion!
  6. The AP is on and is functioning - i.e. I can manage my HDG course and maintain either my rate of climb/descent to a given ALT via VS, or via maintaining IAS. So, that is not an issue.
  7. Downloading the most recent version now. Will test, report back.
  8. I sure did, and tried the same scenario using two GNS units or one in the cockpit, with the same result.
  9. Hope somebody can help me. Just got Falcon 50 - was thinking I can use it with my Flight1 GNS 530. Using P3Dv4. The problem is that I don't seem to be able to get Falcon to recognize the navigation course I have setup in GNS 530. Manually, using the CRS settings in the aircraft, I will position the aircraft to track the Active Leg in GNS 530 within 2NM, but whenever I engage the NAV mode, the airplane turns off and starts tracking some invisible point totally not related to my course. My GNS 530 is in GPS mode, and the Course1 and Course2 in the aircraft are aligned with the GNS active leg course. Any ideas? Thank you in advance. Max
  10. Yes, you are right raymie! Somehow I missed that. Well, that makes it easy for me. I already own 530, and the Falcon has been on my list for some time, so that will be it. Thanks! Max
  11. I am guessing you guys probably already have GTN 650/750? I have Flight1 GNS 530, which I like quite a bit, but I don't think either of the aircraft is compatible with it. I don't yet have the 650.
  12. Question - I noticed their Falcon 50 is on sale as well. Any suggestions/comments/thoughts on their Falcon 50 vs. Learjet 35a for P3Dv4, if one was to purchase one or another? Thanks in advance. Max
  13. EFRAIN - did you install the FSX version directly into P3DV4? Or do they have a P3DV4 version available? Last I checked, I don't think I saw that.
  14. I am using Orbx, as well as ASN. You think this is a hard winter/mild winter issue? I have not seen this before, I don't think, prior to installing ORBX. This was on my way flying up north from Paris LFPO to London City EGLC.
  15. Has anybody come across this problem, know a resolution to this problem where the snow on the ground appears to be in tiles. See in the screenshot below - the snow-covered ground ends, behind the aircraft, in a straight line.
  16. Conrad, dd you find a solution to this issue? I am experiencing same exact issue. Also came out, seemingly, out of nowhere.
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