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  1. This is great, Jobabra! Thank you for sharing.
  2. fsx-ms

    I am using Orbx, as well as ASN. You think this is a hard winter/mild winter issue? I have not seen this before, I don't think, prior to installing ORBX. This was on my way flying up north from Paris LFPO to London City EGLC.
  3. Has anybody come across this problem, know a resolution to this problem where the snow on the ground appears to be in tiles. See in the screenshot below - the snow-covered ground ends, behind the aircraft, in a straight line.
  4. I get a pretty solid 30. I use two machines ("main" PC with a networked laptop), with a lot of things running off of the laptop.
  5. Conrad, dd you find a solution to this issue? I am experiencing same exact issue. Also came out, seemingly, out of nowhere.
  6. Very sad to hear. My condolences to Tom's family. Max
  7. Very good review, Marlon. Thank you for the detailed look into the many systems and features offered by this product. The product looks good, and the review is very informative.
  8. I tested with 1.01 and had no issues with the buildings. The taxiways, at night, are a different story (see the triangles). But I blame that on DX10. Have you experienced this taxiway issue?
  9. Thanks, Ray. I have got to find a way to lighten up those DX10 screenshots. In real-time, things are not as dark as they came out on the screenshots. I will consider this going forward.
  10. Another quality product from a top notch developer. Great job on the product, and thanks for the nice review!
  11. Thanks for the tip. Will give it (DX10) a try this weekend.
  12. Yes, this package integrates directly with AddOn ORBX FTX Ireland. You have a choice, during the installation, to tell the installer that you have FTX Ireland installed. Unfortunately, I don't have it, and as such couldn't see what it would look like. Thanks for clarification.
  13. Yes, I should have mentioned in my review that this product is available for FSX, FS9, and P3D.