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  1. Hi Steve, Yes I have but not reinstalled after the new install of FsX. Should I try that?
  2. Hi Steve, I did a complete reinstall of my FSX. Starting again with DX10 and now I have the following problem. All citylights and some airport lights are shown in black blocks. See down here: https://ibb.co/bZazGm Is there a solution for that, because when I switch off the DX10 I've got normal lights again? Thank you! Kind regards, Stefan Grudelbach
  3. I Still got the same problem. Does anyone has an option to do? Thank you! Stefan
  4. Same problem here. PC Restart with PMDG NGX by passing top of decent. Flight with other aircraft is no problem. Only with the NGX. Did a reinstall of NGX a couple times and 2 times a reinstall of FSX but the problem still remains. What could it be? A virus? or something else? PC reinstallation is that an option? Thank you, Stefan
  5. Hello All, I've got a totally PC crash after every top of decent with my ngx. The whole flight goes well but right after the tod it crashed with a reboot of the system. I did a reinstall of the NGX with the SP1c on it. Does someone has and option to fix this? Thank you! Stefan
  6. Hmm, well I've done that half a year ago haha. During that time I had the problem when I was flying at night or as I said, so maybe there is something wrong in the setting of de display? Any options? But if that won't work a reinstal is the only option again I think. Thanks
  7. Hello All, When i'm flying in the night, sunset or sunrise i've this problem: This problem is starting when FSX is running for about 20 minutes. I don't know what this problem is but i hope that someone can help me to fix this bug. Thank you, Stefan
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