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  1. Hi to all, back to FS9 after a few years off and yes I still have the above problem on every Airbus model I use from FAIB. has been any other reports of this issue or better still a resolution. I use the latest models and the latest liveries and I still cannot resolve the issue.
  2. Thanks pschlute for your comments... the photograph is actually from the sim while running. All my FAIB models running in the sim show up the same as in the photo. It doesn't matter which livery I choose. There's no symmetry to the domes, they just look like a lumpy mess.
  3. Hi too all... just returned to FS9 after an absence of several years. I have been updating my AI Aircraft and have noted that a lot of new paint jobs are using FAIB Models. However, I seem to have an issue with the fuselage! On every model and on every livery I'm getting strange lumps on top of the fuselage just before the tail. There so bad I'm not able to use the models. Has anybody had the same issues or can offer a fix?? Thanks in advance :)
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