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  1. The point to me is that when you spawn at an airport reporting weather with real world weather set the in game, the weather loaded should match what the station is reporting. I don’t see why that’s not possible. Apps like flight radar have the information.
  2. That’s a shame. I’ve been away in DCS land for a few months and hoped things had improved, there was a workaround or a nicely integrated 3rd party solution. It seems not. Such a waste, the terrain, lighting and environmental effects are all very nicely done. There seems to be no excuse for not having accurate in game weather where there’s real time uploading of data, airports are one of those places. I can understand things getting a bit sketchy if there’s a large gap between stations or if the station stops reporting but actually at an airport that’s reporting accurate weather constantly, there’s no reason to not have accurate weather in 2021...
  3. Weather in NW England today has been very heavy rain, winds 20-30kts 180°. Local airports are reporting similar. Real world weather has imported correct wind speeds but from 256°, high overcast but no rain all day. I’m aware that the imported weather represents a forecast but is everyone seeing this sort of disparity? Come to think about it I can’t remember seeing rain imported ever 🤨
  4. The early reports I’ve seen suggest the overhead for ray tracing is still horrific even with the GTX 3000 series. With the 2080 independent testers were seeing drops from 90FPS to 30FPS in games that support RT. With the 3080 it seems to be from 90FPS to 40FPS, even though the 3080 is quite a step up in other regards. So not really much difference. For all that overhead the visual upgrade isn’t that obvious either apparently.
  5. I’m pleased they are acknowledging the simconnect CPU load issues. It’ll be interesting to see how well the fix works.
  6. I noticed this straight away. With real weather loaded for my home area a bright overcast day looked like late dusk. It felt like I needed a torch in the cockpit to look for the controls. I think the problem is that the sim (and games in general) doesn’t represent well how your brain perceives changes in brightness. Your eyes adjust the exposure to balance light and dark to great effect. Even in full sun the changes with the sun on the panel to shade are too great. Basically everything but a sun lit panel is too dark making the instruments artificially hard to read in my experience.
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