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  1. Hi all, have noticed recent downloads of Boeing 777-300 and 767 American Airlines livery for FS2004 as well as FS-X from simviation.com, graphics and panels are excellent photoreal quality, however once installed in a Windows 7 (64bit) machine (have not tried in other windows formats since unavailable to me) they do not like to leave the runway with my joystick pulled back all the way. So if y'all happen to come upon these machines, original Project Opensky Boeings, it's a waste of time and bandwith to download and install. If any of you are paid members of simviation, please forward this to their moderators/webmaster as well so they can look into it further. Thanks, Flight Simulation Rules! As Real As It Gets For us unlucky ones who can't do it for real. Ex MSN Zone's F56HS_Diablo of the F56th Hurrican Squadron (CFS1) here :-)
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