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  1. Hi all I'm Looking for any ex hovercontrol members who may be able to help or any one who could help I am looking for some old files from hovercontrol They are Scarcreekloads2 and liftableloads If anyone could help please let me know Regards Rhys
  2. Hi There is an android app call FS radio panel free and pro version. Uses you tablet to display radio com1/com2 nav1/nav2 ADF transponder, Great app has other instruments you just need to download panel server and your good to go Rhys
  3. Hi all. I would like to add some default liftable items for my helicopter. I saw you can use ai carriers 2 and place objects where you like. I have ai carriers installed but how do I add objects to ai carriers so I can select them and place them where I like Cheers Rhys
  4. Hi allI'm trying to breath some life into my fsx se and my helicopter cockpit by adding liftable objects. I have looked at the early Slingloads in the Sandboxliftable missions which was done along time ago.My cockpit is based on a MD500e. so I'd liked to use that to setup some very basic items to lift and move around.In the sling loads missions there were about 30 liftable items and 2 helicopters the bell 206 and the EH-101. The bell could only pick up one item which was the stretcherI would like just a few small generic items to move around. I have object placement tool installed so I am able to create my own scenery using the default scenery objects and I know that liftable objects need to be setup as missionsIs there any other downloadable objects that I could use to create missions for litable objects CheersRhys
  5. Hi all I want to remove a particular sound from my aircrafts cockpit I have a full scale MD500e cockpit and have assigned real switches to control various functions One switch I have turns on the battery, but in the real MD when turning on the battery there is no noise I have removed the battery Sound file from the folder and in the sound cfg removed the lines that pertain to the battery sound but when restart my flight and switch on the battery I still get the battery noise. Not sure what I have missed ? Regards Rhys
  6. Thanks mate looks like what I'm after Thank you Rhys
  7. Hi I am looking at adding an agricultural spray effect to a specific aircraft I have I'm currently using 1 but looking for a more realistic effect with a thinner trail Cheers Rhys
  8. Hi all Im looking for a thin white smoke effect to add to one of my aircraft. The default one is to thick for that I am trying to achieve and wondering if anyone knows of one that I could download either as a separate file or already in aircraft that I could place in the effects folder and put in my aircraft cfg Cheers Rhys
  9. Hi allI want to set up a custom view for the cockpit of my helicopter. I want to look out the left side and down to simulate looking at an under slug load.I have moved my eye point to the view I want. I want to be able to replace the default views so when I cycle through the views I have just the virtual cockpit and my custom view.Question isWhere do I enter the coordinates of the new view and what sections do I delete to only cycle through the two views I wantRegardsRhys
  10. Thanks Aron Done issue sorted mistake on my part Regards Rhys
  11. Hi all I have an issue with my saved flight. I have saved my flight in the virtual cockpit and ticked this as my default flight . When I launch my flight my view start from the tail boom not the virtual cockpit. I have gone back to the virtual cockpit and overwritten the file but my flights still start from the tail boom not the virtual cockpit . Regards Rhys
  12. Hi Propwash Do you have any more info on the GoogleEarth View which uses the earth desktop. I have the plugin which no longer works on chrome and really enjoyed flying in GE view Cheers Rhys
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