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  1. Thank you, email sent Regards Rhys
  2. Hi all I have saved a switch on my joystick for the water drop but everytime a launch firefighter x I have to go back into settings and select the button config and re save am I doing something wrong Cheers Rhys
  3. Hi Launched Firefighter x today, connected OK, but when I went to settings I got the error message window unhandled exception. I haven't add this error before when clicking on settings button Below is the is the details Anyone able to help as I need to get into the settings menu Cheers Rhys
  4. Posted in wrong section Sorry Rhys
  5. Hi all I have the freeware MD500e Originally designed Peter Tamas Helicopter and updated for fsx. The issue is the weather is effecting engine start. In bad weather using the default weather themes I have to twist my throttle fully open for the engine to spool up which takes longer than usual to start. In fine weather engine spools up with normal throttle settings. Cheers Rhys
  6. Hi allI have been looking for TOT(turbine outlet temp) gauge for my MD500E that has analogue needle and digital read out. After searching I found the closest gauge that fits the description but it is an ITT(inlet Turbine temp) gauge from a Dash 8 Q300. I have installed the gauge into my panel which shows up but doesn't work.It it possible to convert the gauge so it works as TOT and not an ITT gauge.Any help would be very much appreciatedRegardsRhys
  7. Hi all I'm looking for a TOT (turbine outlet temperature) gauge with the analog needle combined with the digital readout. Does anyone know any freeware aircraft that has one Cheers Rhys
  8. Hi Thanks for the quick reply much appreciated I assume I have the non beta version of fsx se I will re install LLTX . I run the program as administrator when I launch live traffic not sure if that's makes a difference Thanks once again Rhys
  9. Hi Yes had that un ticked some time ago for another program I have the steam version of fsx and the se version of live traffic Rhys
  10. Hi all Just out of interest how long should the pause screen be on after connected LLTX I have noticed that on some occasions I have to use task manager to shut down LLYX as nothing seems to be happening Cheers Rhys
  11. Thank you I will delete the the ai helicopter that my simulator is based on I did have an issue with the pause screen staying on after LLYX connected but found if I run as administrator it that fixed it Cheers Rhys
  12. Hi all I have recently found and downloaded live traffic and its a great free addon. I do have a little issue that I can't explain I have a Helicopter cockpit and have a starter on my collective. when using live traffic when I start my heli for some reason the N2 needle doesn't want to move pass the 20% and I have to twist the collective throttle to almost max to get the engine going. WIth live traffic not active I can push and hold the collective start and the needle slowly moves pass 20% to 63% and then I twist the throttle to reach 103% as it should I know live traffic is a independent program but I am scratching my head as to why it would cause this issue Cheers Rhys
  13. Hi all I'm Looking for any ex hovercontrol members who may be able to help or any one who could help I am looking for some old files from hovercontrol They are Scarcreekloads2 and liftableloads If anyone could help please let me know Regards Rhys
  14. Hi There is an android app call FS radio panel free and pro version. Uses you tablet to display radio com1/com2 nav1/nav2 ADF transponder, Great app has other instruments you just need to download panel server and your good to go Rhys
  15. Hi all. I would like to add some default liftable items for my helicopter. I saw you can use ai carriers 2 and place objects where you like. I have ai carriers installed but how do I add objects to ai carriers so I can select them and place them where I like Cheers Rhys
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