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  1. want to thank you for your 2 minutes here. im not sure if this is in the PDF file about the other way not recommended way (download individual files) or not was going to look into this after work today (closer look at the PDF) but instead took this other route. my problems started with the Setup_Prepar3D.exe. i kept getting errors. evidentely this is the wrong way at least for me. anyhow, i think im good it all is installed, so far so good, thanks for your time.
  2. alrite dude ta for your help i discovered that i needed net framework 4.6.2 first off, thats done. had success with Client and Content after that. now will check about the Scenery. thanks.
  3. well this shows my frustration lol ill be back in a sec will try what you said here, ta dude.
  4. Poppet! ty for your reply this is very frustrating for me. are you saying i need to install the Install_Client before anything else? and wht about the Content? ty so much.
  5. 0be5b6e7e1ba51b070db3092ff747309 cont1.cab 033850f787f6a8756e7453d62adfc173 cont2.cab 52b29d4c19c86de2c55b06f704b667aa Install_Client.msi 598305ec976dba49dee7c912cf1efc31 Install_Content.msi 84e4be2345c53fa64c5752c2ff959436 Install_Scenery.msi 4898cacaafac4eee44b1037ddcb07701 scene1.cab 44871c1fa461fe9ae7d4887a253e7ebb scene2.cab 21a0cf0cbd5ff6965d76ffd9895b7b53 scene3.cab 160c44d993aea63a138550a5be6094ee scene4.cab 09c4b3a7dfd31054399bca3ac2bbb523 scene5.cab f4400f511b3e338ad9707a0510e35e4b scene6.cab d6db43d50aeae8e7115e15b1929776f1 scene7.cab e781075106498cbef2d463f43d90c621 Setup_Prepar3D.exe
  6. ok heres the deal, because this takes an hour for me to download the full zip, i have resorted to doing single files in the hopes "hopes" of getting the right files. however, for some really weird reason, when i check the md5 hashes on all of these files, i find im getting all the right values at one time, then a couple of different values the next time. i had this same problem i think with rex textures, like 6 GB or something files and it basically came down to pull the lever, lets see how lucky i can get. if i wanted to gamble i would go to the casino or buy some scratch and sniff lottery tickets. im not dumb here i have verified these hash's on all of these files for 3 days now and some of them decide to change.? im to the point now where, i know the installer progress bar rolls back and keeps doing that until it tells me a hash code is incorrect? even tho they mysteriously change over time? so then it says blah blah blah heres the log file... so i check the log file: failed to validate cont2 or whatever (depends which way the wind decides to blow) anyway so i fix cont2 or cont1 or scene1 or whatever and the cycle continues.... checking the hashes all along. (but they change!) what the frick is either wrong with this software or perhaps dare i say windows? can any1 solve this perplexing issue? ill post my full install log if needed? but then its rinse and repeat all over again! ok it says cont1 cannot be verified. ok it now says scene3 cannot verify hash. rinse repeat, rinse repeat, donwload again, rinse repeat. now what?
  7. am new to Prepare3d just a couple quick questions, will this install alongside FSX ok? also what is the full install size? thanks.
  8. relaxin

    steam power?

    i would love to see this ported over to steamos + linux. would make my day. i know this is a longshot and pure fiction and im like the only person who would love this but well food for thought.
  9. not being negative here at all, but want honest opinions about this. and also not saying we might get both i just dont know lol but i want to know how the community thinks about having an sdk versus a mission editor anyhow. i for one in thinking about what made FSX so great, which is what they are building off of, and so far pretty good job... i honestly would prefer an open SDK just like FSX so you have that option for modding or whatever, i mean missions are fun but i would rather have an SDK just like FSX. consider how much community driven content was produced from FS2004 (FS9) A Century Of Flight alone. then add that to FSX. with that in mind, consider that the more you have peoples attention and involvement, the more successful FSW will become, its a win win situation i think. starting from an already hugely successful platform DTG needs to think about how and why it not only became successful (FSX,FS9,etc), but also what has kept it going thru the years. in light of all this, lets try to keep what remains, from the freeware developer, to the PMDG and other top devs.
  10. Well played DTG. count me in! best move ever. i love the fact that you are picking up where FSX left off. no need to reinvent the wheel here, as microsoft, well really the ACES team have been the top for years. i am really happy and excited about this, and i love the fact that DTG is commited to this venture!
  11. why is there so much pressure on DTG? im just happy that they have the legacy FSX code and ported it to 64 bit, moreover, are willing to squash all the bugs and memory problems (which is a huge undertaking) and at the same time they are listening to the desires of us long time flight simmers. who is expecting miracles here? im just happy they are willing to take this on and work with it? is flight simulation become more about whos the best platform and how people feel about it? whatever happened to just the thrill of flying in a simulation? where did that go? are we all just stuck on the best platform and whos got the best eyecandy? where did the fun go? why are we here? how come we are not flying right now?
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