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  1. Happy New Year to our volunteer Staff and the members who have been with us a long time or joined in 2019.  Thanks for everyone's patronage.  I think it has been a great year (and decade) for AVSIM and the Flight Simulation Community.  We have all found new friends that we will remember and enjoy for years to come.  FS developers have truly brought us some outstanding add-ons to increase our enjoyment and immersion in Flight Simulation.  Bring on the New Year!!

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  2. On 12/12/2019 at 7:39 AM, Nickbe said:

    As would and not news already. 🙂

    We released version 3 on February 9, 2019. But on simmarket only now.

    Best regards!

    Apologize for the free advertisement!  I submitted this as news for the AVSIM Front Page.  I removed the original version of EZDOK years ago as it was too convoluted and difficult to use so did not keep up with the updates or news about this product.  There was no option to upgrade at SimMarket and thought this was a completely new EZDOK.  IMHO, the video was professionally done.  When I saw this version, I was impressed but have yet to fully set it up as I'm preparing for Christmas. 

  3. Nice review Chuck.  I bought it last night and, so far, it is absolutely enjoyable to fly.  Lots of new features to learn but that's why I'm into flight simulation - to learn the various aspects of flight.  The sounds are awesome!  My flight today, from FSDT KORD to FB KIAD with ASP4, UTLive, MSE WVA and VA, and bad weather in the Wash DC area, still gave me some great FPS even with many of my settings set high.  From the FSUIPC log: 

    Minimum frame rate was 10.4 fps, Maximum was 131.5 fps
    Average frame rate for running time of 2986 secs = 61.0 fps
    Maximum AI traffic for session was 261 aircraft

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