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  1. EMV, I didn't know that FLCH aims to reach the next altitude in a certain time. If so, it seems much more logically to me. Regarding the flap retraction: Yes, having seen that in the recording I was shocked by what I did myself. So if I had retracted the flaps on schedule and give the aircraft time to reach the selected speed, the aircraft would have reached the selected 4000ft in >125 seconds with an appropriate thrust setting, right? Thank you for the detailed description. Regards, Leif
  2. That's interesting. I will keep that in mind. Hopefully PMDG will correct this in a future update. However, thank you very much for your help. Regards, Leif
  3. Ahhhh, ok. Thank you for clarifying. I seem to have misunderstood the part with the climb limit. Shouldn't the SPD mode engage automatically when the ALT mode engages? But what about the strange behavior after I had selected a higher speed? Can you tell me why the airplane didn't acellerate to that speed? The engines spooled down immediately after I had selected speed to 210kts and the plane nearly maintained level flight. Should I have pressed the SPD switch before selecting a higher speed?
  4. Thanks Simon, this is interesting. Sice as you might have seen in the video nothing happened after I had pressed the THR switch. I found it very confusing that after I had pressed FLCH and the thrust limit changed from GA to CLB the airplane decreased pitch slightly to about 10 degrees, but the engines weren't turning at climb limit. Instead, N1 even decreased to about 83%. So the aircraft couldn't accelerate. I did some go-arounds yesterday as well. When I pushed the THR switch the engines should have turned at climb limit, but actually nothing happened. In the video you can also see that when I selected the speed to 210 KIAS while in FLCH SPD the aircraft was still at nearly 10 degrees of pitch and the engines reduced N1 further to about 75%. The aircraft wasn't accelerating and couldn't climb as well. I have also watched this CBT (https://youtu.be/kbPFCCwfahI?t=6m19s) and it is said that pushing THR in FLCH changes thrust to the selected clb thrust limit while in my case the speed mode should stay in THR. I am not sure, but I think that there's something wrong. I can't imagine that this is normal behavior.
  5. Hello, isn't there anybody who can help me? Shouldn't the thrust increase to the selected climb limit when pushing THR while FLCH SPD is the active pitch mode? Regards, Leif Gehre
  6. Thank you for the quick response, I have A/T override set to NEVER. I think I had pushed the TO/GA button again before I pushed V/S.
  7. Hello guys, firstly, I want to congratulate PMDG for this wonderful airplane. Secondly, I have a little problem. I am not sure if this is a bug or just my stupidity. Since I had to go around today, I noticed, that after pressing TO/GA the thrust levers increased and my A/T activated in THR mode for a 2000 FPM climb. Roll and pitch modes changed to TO/GA. That's how the FCOM 4.20.15 (PDF page 673) describes it. But despite changng the target airspeed to the actual airspeed the targed airspeed remained the same as for the approach. Then, after having engaged CMD 1 and after LNAV was activated I selected a higher speed to retract the flaps. After that, I selected FLCH at about 1300 ft AGL. Thereafter, pitch decreased slightly and climb thrust was set. The engines' thrust also decreased slightly and the aircraft had a hard time to accelerate while climbing to the missed approach altittude with about 600 FPM. I retracted the flaps according the flap retraction schedule and selected flap 1 maneuvering speed, but then the engines spooled down further and the aircraft nearly maintained level flight. I pushed the THRUST switch at about 2100 ft AGL, but nothing happend. When I selected V/S and A/T speed mode was activated the aircraft began to climb again. FCOM NP.21.53 (PDF page 147) points towards selecting FLCH at acceleration height and pushing the THRUST switch after flap retraction to the planned flap setting. Also, the FCOM says that climb thrust is set after the THRUST switch is pushed and not after FLCH is pushed. What do you think? Did I do something wrong or is this normal behavior? I also recorded the scene and uploaded it on youtube: Thank you in advance! Leif Gehre
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