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  1. Hello I bought the Mindstar G1000 Advanced licence. I want to use the PFD and MFD in separate monitors (VGA 800x600). I'm using the Carenado KingAir 200 and following the retrofit instructions I create 2 new popup windows for PFD and MFD. My PC has a really good performance on Prepar3d V3.4, I get 90 fps on Carenado King Air 200 however when I open the G1000 (PFD and MFD) windows the value of FPS drops dramatically from 90fps to 18fps. I try to change the SHOW_ALL_INSTANCES to OFF and to ON as well, but continue the FPS isuue. When I flying only the prepar3d without G1000 popup windows the CPU performance is good, all cores in the task manager work at the same porcentage. However when I open the G1000 popup windows 1 Core (generally the firts) increase the usage to 90%. I tried to use an affinity mask setup in the prepar3d.cfg to set all cores, or to set the last 7 cores but ever 1 core is used to 90% with the G1000 windows. I have the Windows antivirus deactivated and the error reporting service disabled. Can you help with this issue? Best Regards. My PC Setup: Intel Core i7 9700k overclocked to 5.0Ghz (watercooling) RAM 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz SSD Crucial 500GB Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 TI (not 1060) Windows 10 Prepar3D V3.4 Panel config: [Window Titles] Window00=EX500 Window01=GP400 Window02=EADI EHSI Window03=AUTOPILOT Window04=Toggle_Control Window05=G1000 PFD Window06=G1000 MFD [Window05] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=813,550 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=6 visible=0 // The Mindstar G1000 requires the popup PFD to have an ident code of 11000 ident=11000 gauge00=MPI_G1000!PFD, 0, 0, 813, 550, PFD1|King.Air [Window06] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=813,550 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=8 visible=0 // The Mindstar G1000 requires the popup MFD to have an ident code of 11001 ident=11001 gauge00=MPI_G1000!MFD, 0, 0, 813, 550, MFD1|King.Air I setup the G1000 ini file following the manual and set all parameters for King.Air: [King.Air] Style=24 AirspeedRangeLowCaution=75 AirspeedRangeFlaps=100 AirspeedRangeNormal=157 AirspeedRangeHighCaution=240 AirspeedRangeOverspeed=260 AirspeedBugVrVisible=NO AirspeedBugVxVisible=NO AirspeedBugVyVisible=NO AirspeedBugVgVisible=NO EnableRFD=NO AFCS=YES WAASENABLED=YES ShowBezel=NO dig_crs_hdg_tmout=NO AnimateStartup=YES GradientHorizon=NO ShowCirrusFuel=NO MfdStartupImage= AltimeterBug=8000 HobbsCounter=33798 TachCounter=33798 WAAS_RECEIVER_ENABLED=YES MSAS_RECEIVER_ENABLED=YES EGNOS_RECEIVER_ENABLED=YES
  2. I try to reinstall with this method however key file activation is not available right now. I contacted to Flight1 Support and they told me: with the newest activation method I continue with the problem. Please help me
  3. Hello I bought a license for reallity xp GNS530 for P3D V3 and V4, but when I installed the Garmin trainer the installer freezes and I need to force a close, then I star again the installation but now the GNS screen says "RXP INVALID LICENSE CONTACT VENDOR". I did all recommendation of the forum like: 1. check the reality xp folder in my Disk (c:/realitixp) . 2. I copied the lic file in all folder of sim. 3. I uninstalled the software and start a new installatin again. 4. I uninstalled and remove all files related to reality xp and run again the ecommerce enabled software. Any option works to me. Can you hep me?
  4. Hello I bought the advance license for Mindstar G1000. PFD and MDF work great but I can't activate the RFD, only a black screen appers in the popup window. I attached the code of popup window: [Window07] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=813,550 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=6 visible=0 // The Mindstar G1000 requires the popup PFD to have an ident code of 11000 ident=11001 gauge00=MPI_G1000!RFD, 0, 0, 813, 550, RFD1|Caravan Note: I also activated in the G1000.ini the EnableRFD=YES. Can you help me please Thanks
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