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  1. I agree I was overreacting (Emotions took over since I am waiting long time for some titles to be released in P3D instead of MSFS). As of right now, I cannot visit the Milviz P180 page anymore. So if it is like you said, they will have to write there intentions better this time.
  2. Product not finished, and will not be finished? MILVIZ makes themselves unbelievable with an action like this. I wonder if this is allowed by the law. And hope that this will be punished harshly by the community. These kind of companies do not belong in the flight simulation world!
  3. I would vote for the MD-11 too. (such a shame there is no good alternative available for P3Dv4.x)
  4. I honestly expected something else. Since I only fly for fun, I believe that this software is not for me. I would have preferred a plane instead of GFO. When more info becomes available, my opinion can change. I'm only afraid that this will not happen, and this is one of the few PMDG products that I do not purchase. Kind regards, Jasper Koelewijn
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