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  1. Yep after doing more snooping I did find the missing aircraft folders, and they are gone, and Flight Sim is reinstalled, and almost all my planes, scenery, etc. is reinstalled. Had to go get new keys for my Flight1 payware, but that was no problem, and yes FS9.1 is installed on there too...Thanks all for all the help :)
  2. So you are saying make a folder on the C drive and name it FS9, and reinstall everything in there? Just wanna make sure I got this rignt..LOL
  3. Hey all, I have been away from flight simming for awhile, and just recently getting back into it. I am running FS9 on a Windows 10 computer, and recently I noticed some aircraft have disappeared from my aircraft folder. The path is C:Program Files (x86): Microsoft Games: Flight Simulator 9: Aircraft. The problem I am having is the aircraft folder is GONE from the aircraft folder, yet I can still select them when I start the game. I know they have to be somewhere, but I can not figure out where!! Anyone able to help? TIA
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