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  1. fppilot, that was the trick - renamed my original worldwide.bin and placed it where you indicated. All my airports are back. I do not have any kind of programming background, so I am word not allowed when it comes to things like Windows environment variables. I now understand that in this case it does a redirect to the newer database file, but I'm not sure why it's done that way. In any case, it worked, and I am very appreciative. My database, as I previously said, is from 2015. Is there a newer one available that anyone knows of?
  2. I installed the latest Reality XP update which apparently included a database update for the Garmin 430/530. The update said it would configure "aviation DB 1607 via GNSDBFILE env. var." There are now many airports missing from this version, and I cannot seem to go back to the earlier version I had (2015) which had all airports. I have replaced the BMAP.bin and worldwide.bin files in the Garmin/GNS trainer/GNS/db folder with my original BMAP and worldwide bin files, but it makes no difference. Has anyone else run into this problem? I'm wondering if there is some other file that is causing this, and if so how I can get back to my older database.
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