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  1. Chandan Bhat

    Help: Cannot Add Any Sceneries.

    Hey Bill, I sorted out the issue thanks for the help though, there are 150 entries in the scenery.cfg file, the problem was the scenery.cfg was mis-configured one of the entries was added before another entry was over I deleted the entry and now it works fine, just that FSX takes a lot of time to load. Chandan
  2. Hey there, So I have been using FSX for years but however this problem has just recently popped up: I go ahead to scenery library to add a new scenery, it allows me to add the scenery the new scenery shows up on the list with priority 1 and it creates scenery indexes etc.. However when I exit the settings and move over to fly I cannot see the scenery(i.e. the same old default scenery is present) I then move over to the scenery library and the scenery I just added is absent, I add the scenery again and the cycle repeats itself. I run FSX with Admin rights, deleted FSX.cfg and Scenery.cfg files but none of them have been of any use so far, any help or advice is greatly appreciated. With Best Regards, Chandan Bhat