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  1. Hi, There is a new Userpoint Icons file available for LNM at Flightsim.to found here: https://flightsim.to/file/23181/littlenavmap-userpoint-icons This file was developed in cooperation with the developer Alexander Barthel and will be updated periodically as new icons are added. Currently there are 170+ icons included for marking POIs on the LNM moving map. Install instructions are included on the download page and the included README file. Enjoy, ILEllis
  2. I appreciate the insight into the program Keven. Tweaking the contrail effects is not a major concern as long as the effects are somewhat realistic. As mentioned my older program does allow a minimum altitude to be set to "trigger" the contrails overriding the automated trigger, I never really asked how you trigger the contrails in your program but a manual trigger would still be appreciated. My concern here is when flying on a network like VATSIM to help me spot other aircraft, especially during the day time hours, which makes the contrails being used with AI/Multiplayer aircraft a biggy (in my humble opinion B) ). Contrails are about the only way to spot aircraft flying VFR during day time hours without using the simulator "labels" which is totally unrealistic and I don't use the labels to keep it real. I didn't mention it but the duration of the contrails is another factor. Just as in real life the contrails tend to hang around for quite some time dissipating ever so slow, and the program I use now does this somewhat well. Thanks for listening and I look forward to trying out your software.
  3. Just a few quick questions, I have a contrails program for FSX which I enjoy very much when flying on VATSIM because it makes spotting other aircraft more realistic. I do not have this capability currently in P3D when flying on VATSIM so I'm looking for something to update this capability in both FSX and P3D and maybe this is it? 1. Will PrecipitFX fix the dual contrail (offset contrail) problems associated in either FSX or P3D? 2. Will PrecipitFX prevent the "smoke trail" down below your aircraft nusiance? 2. Will PrecipitFX work on both multiplayer and AI aircraft? 3. Is there a manual or PDF that can be looked at so one can decipher what can be configured in PrecipitFX such as contrail length, or maybe a minimum altitude for contrail display? I would like to see pictures of the interface. Thanks for any advice!
  4. Hi FireHawk44, Ummm...interesting observation. One can only agree that NO installer should OVERWRITE your current software unless maybe it has correctly tested the current version and found it to be an older version or my favorite, providing a popup so you can examine the different versions and approve the overwrite. Some folks like to leave well enough alone, unless of course there are new functions within the new version required by P3D. This installer issue would not be new, wouldn't be the first time install programs were doing something "under the hood" that was unwanted (whether intentional or not). Your observation could be a logical reason for the diversity of the problem also because even non-flight simulation software installed on a system could be a factor, something I looked into after reading your post. Even what I describe as a bare bones system (like mine) could be impacted by the various versions of these modules installed on each individual system by other program installers. After you mentioned this I went back and did some checking, I remembered I had loaded little things on my system that might affect the Visual version (nothing to do with P3D) but might interfere with P3D like you describe BUT none of mine were loaded AFTER P3D rather BEFORE? Leaving only the P3D installer to change this. So that brought me back to my question concerning a clean install of P3D and nothing loaded AFTER the fact. WHY does P3D error in my case BUT not in your case? That is puzzling? Does it take another program install to mess it up or is it a problem with the P3D installer? Anyway, good catch, keep digging! Regards
  5. Hi SteveW, If you haven't visited the LM forums you might want to keep an eye out there also, same topic concerning R6025. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=8564 Regards
  6. Hi all, Quick update, the scenery tearing is fixed. Replacing the video card has eliminated the "blue shards" in the scenery when tessellation is turned ON. As suspected, it was a hardware/driver issue. Concerning the R6025 error, as always if tessellation is turned OFF it crashes P3D within a few minutes into the flight. Since my issue with scenery is resolved and I am getting decent frame rates with tessellation turned ON the R6025 error is a mute point to me right now. The new video card I just installed (and many of you I suspect have even better) provides excellent performance on my system so in my case if I get 30+ frames or better I could not be happier. Theater projectors show movies at approximately 28 fps, the human eye can only see so much, as for the rest oh well. P3D running on my older system is purring like a cat with better than "normal" settings. BTW, the new video card I installed is capable of using the new PCI 3.0 specs but my older motherboard is only PCI 2.0 specs limiting the bandwidth but any loss is negligible. Maybe one day I will cough up the dough for a new motherboard with matching specs and get a second video card to run in SLI, OMG the debt! Still I cannot complain I got a sizable discount on the new card, which cost me less than two bills to save my investment in P3D. I have not got to it yet but I am also interested in what difference, if any, the new card has on performance when using FSX? My next step is to start loading up my addons carefully/methodically testing P3D as I go. I want to see if I experience any of the other issues ya all have discussed such as with FSUIPC (it will be one of the first loaded) since replacing my video card. I do NOT foresee any additional issues at this time (just a gut feeling). Best of success to everyone in sorting out the R6025 error in addition to the "Could not write value complete to key..." error during the installation of P3D, here is hoping someone at LM has the passion to hunt down the source of these issues whether or NOT P3D is the cause (again in my humble opinion these issues are beyond the end users reach). I for one will be very reluctant to fork out the bucks for future P3D revision levels (2.0 to 3.0 to 4.0…) without this being resolved. Cheers!
  7. Hi FireHawk44, UAC and permissions is not the problem here because on my flight simulator system using Windows 7 Pro 64Bit the UAC is completely turned off and all permissions are turned on. This I configured way back during the early FSX days on my system. I also load most critical flight simulator software to the root drive for similar reasons because the Programs x86 folder can be a stick in the mud, inherently designed that way, preventing our software from freely updating or working with files. The only anti-virus on my system is Microsoft Essentials which I completely turned off during the full install to version 2.4. I use Microsoft Essentials for minimum security since I must connect to the Internet for VATSIM and because I do occasionally browse the Internet for flight simulator related downloads/information, otherwise I wouldn't even have it on my system. So I don't see this as the problem here with the "Could not write value complete to key...". Until someone nails this problem to the wall we cannot say it is or is NOT a P3D problem. In my humble opinion I still believe it is! Speaking again about the R6025 error I'll reiterate as stated in my previous posts, I loaded P3D v2.4 from scratch, full install, no addons whatsoever and will continue testing it for several more days in this state. Nothing so far has changed, the errors described remain consistent. On my system I did receive the "Could not write value complete to key..." error discused above during the installation but I read that clicking on IGNORE should allow an installation to complete successfully, though this should be fixed regardless, it's still disconcerting. Hell, FSX never hit the streets with this consistent an error! You think LM would be hopping all over this one? When flight testing P3D in the raw after the installation with the tessellation turned ON I "see" the scenery tearing in P3D. Now I'll admit I believe this IS a problem with my own hardware/drivers (more about this in a sec). When I turn tessellation OFF, which completely eliminates the scenery tearing (which makes perfect sense if you understand tessellation at it's roots) the R6025 error occurs (?) causing P3D to fail and restart while inflight, again addons are NOT the issue on my system nor should they be on ANY system because as stated I have none loaded, not even FSUIPC, so Peter Dowson can relax. This is a fundemental problem with P3D, and/or each systems drivers and/or hardware. We should not scramble our brains or waste our time trying to isolate addons. If you have this problem you need to strip down to a basic install without any addons and start troubleshooting from there, PERIOD! Now, concerning the scenery tearing I'm almost certain the hardware/driver are at issue, so much so that I have bet my hard earned cash on this and ordered a new video card, an Nvidia GTX 660. I'll give the Nvidia a whirl in this case based on my research and also because it will be my card of choice if I upgrade my MB. I have already matched specs for new system hardware if I go there. I had an older Nvidia card, but if I'm going to try this I figured I might as well only do it once. If it doesn't work then I'll think the worst about P3D and return the NVidia card in less than 30 days to minimize my investment in a lost cause (for now) and continue using FSX only because it works flawlessly with it's impurity. If the new card does work than I'll be convinced my older HD6950 was not up to the task and/or the driver was faulty from AMD (like you say) and I'll run P3D with tessellation turned ON and forget about the R6025 error completely (buying LM time to hopefully fix both the key error and the R6025 error). Then I can focus on loading up P3D with addons and getting connected to VATSIM (what a hoot)! Let ya all know the results of the new card soon. B) Cheers!
  8. Hi FireHawk44, Must be a problem with the AMD Catalyst drivers also because I'm currently running v14.9. I've attempted changing each and every setting permissible in the Catalyst software with no luck. As part of my troubleshooting I plan on reversing the driver back to 13.1 and 12.1 over this week when I have time to see what difference if any that will make. I'm also researching new hardware, specifically an upgrade for my video card using my current motherboard. Not an easy task, I'm trying to avoid a complete motherboard upgrade which forces me to upgrade most everything else. I'll never get free from poverty at this rate! I have an extra NVidia card, slightly older but may give it a whirl for test purposes. Cheers
  9. Quick note about my install of P3D. As with FSX I never install to the Programs x86 folder but to the root drive. In my case P3D resides in... C:\LockheedMartin\Prepar3Dv2\ ...and even though I do this UAC and all that Windows stuff is turned OFF since my system is dedicated as a flight simulator. Regards
  10. Hi all, Just a quick update. I worked intensively last night and today uninstalling my old 2.3, cleaning everything up (I deleted everything and anything to do with P3D or associated addons) and installing the new 2.4. As previously stated I have no plans to install any addons (whatsoever) until I have a chance to thoroughly test P3D in the raw. Right off the bat the errors are coming back consistent. During the install of 2.4 I received the notorious... <Could not write value Complete to key \Products\A8FF3B2933C3CFE458D0FC925E24299D\Features. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.> ...I hit the IGNORE button as I did during my original virgin installation and the install completed without further ado (still that error is disconcerting). Anyway, I jumped back into P3D without changing a single P3D setting except for checking my control settings for my Saitek peripherals. Before I could say spit P3D locked up during my initial flight with the following error... <Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error Program:C:\LockheedMartin\Prepar3Dv2\Prepar3D.exe R6025 -Pure Virtual Function Call> ...Tessellation was OFF in P3D. I tried a second and third flight all ended abrutly with the same error. So, I turned tessellation back ON and started a new flight. Once again without fail my scenery is tearing (those nasty little triangular shards of blue all over the terrain) but the R6025 error never showed up. Several flights later still no R6025 error with tessellation ON. So, basically with not one additional addon the R6025 error and the scenery tearing persist and are a constant without fail. I have no need to isolate an addon because there are none! I will over the course of this week continue to test in several areas to see if I can change the consistancy of these errors by installing new video drivers (older versions I just obtained), maybe a new video card altogether, and further modifications to the P3D settings and configuration files. I will continue to make test flights of varying lengths. I have similar posts over in the LM forums and will post these results there also hoping someone will take note considering the amount of chatter surrounding these issues. P.S. After installing P3D v2.4 I right clicked the Prepar3D.exe file to check the version number, it updated after this FULL install. Previously when I had installed the patch from 2.3 to 2.4 that version number did NOT update as one would expect. Cheers
  11. Ummm, Wonder if anyone has brought this to the attention of Peter Dowson?
  12. Hi all, It's interesting that FireHawk44 only gets the R6025 error on exiting P3D whereas TrafficPilot and I both experience it within minutes after starting a flight with tessellation turned OFF (where scenery is being actively used)? If your not aware of this here are some basics about tessellation...it's fundementally a mathmatical process of subdividing polygons. Polygons are used to "form" (in flight simulator) the earth's land formation (the mesh). In a typical game polygons form the characters bodies and faces. Tessellation is a means of subdividing the polygons to make them smaller (finer) hence "smoothing" the surface texture, making it more natural (the better quality being like that of Shrek in the Disney movie). This does not come without a price, if tessellation is turned ON it makes the surface texture look better, BUT the CPU (or GPU in the case of P3D) takes a major hit having to calculate the subdivision's in each rendered frame AND the memory used to get the rendering done (memory allocation can be seen in real-time while running P3D). This accounts for the loss in FPS when tessellation is turned ON instead of OFF and will vary depending on the type of hardware you're running, such as your video card (GPU). This is why I'm wondering about my older video card? Yet I still beg the question, WHY when tessellation is turned OFF does the R6025 error rear it's ugly head, WHAT ties a rendering feature to this error (a program call of some sort)? I have another related rendering problem involving "Scenery Tearing" that goes hand-N-hand with the tessellation process because that in itself is tied to rendering mesh and turning tessellation on and off makes a CONSISTENT difference. That is how I discovered the R6025 error, trying to rid myself of the scenery tearing (again a mesh issue historically seen in FS9 and FSX). So there does seem to be a common factor involved. As far as a particular program being singled out such as RAASPRO there may be something more hidden going on such as the procedure calls someone else eluded too (programmers had a more exact term for it but it evades me) that such a program may use that incites the error. In other words, ANY program could incite the error depending on if it uses the specific internal call. Maybe not all addons use the offending call hence one persons delima compared to the next, so the solution is not necessarily fixing RAASPRO itself but finding the call (internal coding) which is the culprit within the program, it's purpose, and relation to the problem. Maybe someone might find a different addon that consistently creates the same fault as FireHawk44 has experienced and tie those two together pointing more directly to the problem? All the comments I have read seem to be pointing at something related in the rendering process hence my concern about hardware and drivers, but still nothing which an end user has access too through P3D settings, video settings, or configuration files? Also, this weekend I'll be starting over from scratch with version 2.4 BUT to try something I think most have not tried extensively. Installing P3D and NOTHING else and testing it for a good duration (say a week or better) using ONLY default scenery and aircraft! Honestly, has anyone used P3D for more than a week and maybe two dozen hour long flights using only DEFAULT scenery and aircraft WITHOUT any issues cited here? I can honestly say I haven't, WHY are we all banging our heads against a brick wall trying to isolate addons when possibly, it has not been determined P3D is NOT without issue standing on it's own? When having issues like these a fundemental troubleshooting step is to return to basics. How is it possible to isolate a problem when we install P3D and then immediately "corrupt" it with addons BEFORE we ABSOLUTELY determine P3D is working on our various systems under varying scenarios using ONLY default scenery and aircraft? Maybe P3D will work without fault standing on it's own but personally I cannot claim this to be true. I had already installed addons BEFORE I experienced these issues so in my case I can not say with certainty the issues didn't exist in a "clean" install of P3D on my system OR that the addons are to blame. How many can absolutely make claim to this? Also, I think (?) I have an extra video card laying around (I believe an NVidia) which I might try in my system and see what differences that will make. I just don't want to change my system hardware enough to incite a registration blizz (a situation where my software thinks it's running on a different machine...a real pain N the kester that can cause a system rebuild). Replacing my current video card might provide more insight? I'll post again when I have tried some of this. Regards
  13. Hi everyone, LM has in fact released version 2.4 today and I am downloading it as I write. It will be worthwhile to see if this version has eliminated any of our issues, good luck and please report back what you find. Regards!
  14. Hi TrafficPilot, Exactly what I'm experiencing and yes, I to have a Windows 7 Pro 64bit OS running on my hardware. I've been flight testing more today and not one single problem with the tessellation turned ON, except my scenery issue and that sucks :( Again my frame rates are very exceptable, my clouds are wonderful, and it just runs smooth. Everyone should note I just found out that LM may be releasing version 2.4 tomorrow (Sep 29th). :o The change list is long with many revisions to rendering. I for one will download the full version and start from scratch being I don't have much loaded at this time. It will be good to see what has been done. Cheers!
  15. No doubt I'm beginning to feel a PAIN in my wallet. I might need to examine an upgrade to the video card. Wonder if NVidia works any better on Intel platforms these days? I never had much success with them in the past, always got along better with the AMD (or is that ATI?) series. My wife still hasn't got over the last upgrade that put us in poverty :rolleyes:
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