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  1. Two part answer Steve, I read your response and understand what may happening through no fault of the fixer. I guess the only solution would be to have the PMDG 737NGX and other aircraft isolate each instrument from being over-laid by the effects of shadows, if I read you correctly. I tried your suggestion to turn off the libraries using the default profile and found the generation of strange looking shadows that appeared randomly generated with very gagged edges. None of the shadows had any relation to the actual aircraft surfaces which makes me conclude that this situation can not be corrected by the fixer. Correction may be possible however thru modification to the PMDG aircraft by PMDG as you suggest. Thanks for your help and hope you received the pictures requested. tf51d, Thanks for your continued suggestions but all my testing was done on FSX alone with no Add-Ons active. I did not use my AS2016 anytime as I did want to have to find clear skies and bright sun to maximize the conditions when the problem occurs. Thanks to you both, Stuart Frost
  2. tf51d, Thank you for your quick response. I did exactly as you suggested, but found little if any improvement to the condition I have experienced. I even turned off all items in SteveFX's program under Bloom. I understand that a shadow will create a darker surface where it falls, but reducing the instrument display intensity to the point of almost being shut off is a bit disturbing. I am only venting, not complaining personally to my fellow simmers. Thanks again, Stuart Frost
  3. Steve, When rotating the PMDG 737 around a vertical axis during a check to see if I installed the shadows correctly, I found a strange effect occurring on the Main Instrument Panel. The shadows were successfully there, but as I rotated the aircraft 360 degrees, the instrument display degraded at a particular angle to the sun such that gauges was unreadable. The light intensity was unacceptable to allow reading the instrument over an arc of about 10-20 degrees. Continuing to rotate the aircraft from that point, the gauge starts to improve to a normal display until once again degrading at the same location again. This problem only happens when engaging the Shadow option obviously. It is so bad that if you are flying at a angle like similar to my shadow check, it is impossible to navigate at that precise point. Is there a reason for this problem and are there any remedies to try to correct my situation Thank you in advance, Stuart Frost
  4. Rob, I stumbled across the source of my blurry problem after many tweaks. I have always used the add-on FSX Fiber Acceleration to improve my frame rates and smooth my flight. I thought I would run FSX without the FFA installed and lo and behold no blurries developed any where during various flight situations. I have no idea why FFA has such a negative effect on the terrain uploading during flight but I will question the vendor on possible fixes to their program. Once again thanks for your input. Stu Frost
  5. Rob, Thanks for your quick response. The video card I presently use is a Geforce GTX680 that has 2GB VRAM and do no use any photo realistic scenery. I have the add-on ORBX series scenery mainly plus the default scenery that was initially installed. I will use your suggestion to disable the scenery area not being flown and try FFTF=.99. I will report back my results ASAP.
  6. Rob, Have you seen any evidence of the famous "blurries" associated with FSX when sitting in the virtual cockpit of PMDG 737. I use a GTX680 card along with a overclocked i7 3770 CPU, 32GB Ram and consistently observe the blurries. Have tried all tweaks but no joy. Thought the Titan x with 12Gb memory would help. Thank you in advance Stu Frost