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  1. Ah, but when would I find it convenient...?
  2. On the keypad of the FMC / MCDU of both on Boeing and Airbus aircraft, the letters E, N, S, W often have a box around them. Anyone know what that's about?
  3. I'm looking to get a business jet for X-Plane 11. I've never tried a business jet ever as I normally do airliners, so I am not used to anything in this segment. Any thoughts on which ones have come a long way in terms of implementations of systems and such? Thank you!
  4. Regarding the visuals I don't see any difference as rendering replacements aren't included yet. They are underway though (2019/2020). How turbulence and such behaves differently from XP I don't really know as I haven't made any systematic comparisons.
  5. On the .org page it says it can be done by using .fms files. Is that what you're thinking of? Where do you see that? On the .org page I can only see version 1.43 (February 10th 2017).
  6. I'm thinking about getting the A350 from Flight Factor. I've flown their A320 a lot, but that's about it for my experience with their products. Also, I guess their A350 has been updated somewhat since original release. Any thoughts on how it presents itself? Pros? Cons?
  7. I like attempting approaches and landings multiple times - often with different types of weather. This is easily done with stock aircraft, but with custom ones like the Zibo 737 or Flight Factor A320 I'm having no luck with this. I can save the situation, but once it loads no settings on the CDU/FMC and such are saved - which just makes the whole thing pointless. Any idea why I'm experiencing this? And how it can be overcome?
  8. I've realized that several custom aircraft have the issue that their technical settings (CDU etc.) are not saved when you save the flight in whatever situation. Apparently this is due to X-Plane not saving custom datarefs - only datarefs for default aircraft. This makes it impossible to save a flight say before landing - in order to attempt it multiple times - which really gives a bitter taste to some of the great custom aircraft out there. Is this a fixable issue - or is it at least acknowledged by Laminar?
  9. So I decided to do some work on my PC, but when it comes to CPU I'm not sure how to consider the specs. It's about cores, threads, and GHz, but how do I weigh these against each other? I mostly use P3D v4, but might get into XP11 soon as well. I guess $700 would be my top limit. Thanks!
  10. I'm having an issue in that I'm not able to adjust the zoom at all, so I'm stuck at 0.4, which doesn't look good with wide-aspect. Don't really know what to do about that. I'm using version 0.1.97 by the way. Besides that it works great.
  11. That works, thanks. I guess making it an ON/OFF button was just too effective and functional :dry:
  12. Just now I was arming LNAV/VNAV whilst on the ground, and I happend to press FLCH. So now it's lit - and I don't want it to be. Nothing more to it really...
  13. When dealing with the MCP there is always the possibility of hitting a button next to the one you were actually aiming for. This brings me to the question: when inadvertently hitting the FLCH or one of the HOLD buttons, these won't simply switch off when pressed again. Often activating one function deactivates another, such as the altitude HOLD and FLCH buttons, but I'm nevertheless left with one unwanted function being engaged. What is one actually supposed to do when this happens?
  14. As I'm just getting back into simming after a while there is a high probability I've put lot of weird stuff into the FMC . On the Init Ref-page I see that my Vref i actually 138 at flaps 30. But what I wonder then is that on the legs-page it has 170 kts at the runway. What dictates this number?
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