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  1. I purchased the download DC3 package a few weeks ago and note a lot of, mostly negative, forum comments . After some research and trial and error I offer the following critique. My computer uses Windows 7. My intent is purely constructive. Missing gauges: I experienced missing altimeters in all but the R4D-6. Looking at the panel.cfg file, located in the Aircraft/Panel folder for the R4D-6, I saw [Minipanel] gauge 03 Altimeter1 [Vcockpit04] gauge10 Altimeter1 [Vcockpit05] gauge10 Altimeter2 The panel.cfg files for the aircraft missing the altimeter showed "gauge**Altimeter" without any numbers. When I used Notepad to edit the panel.cfg files adding the numbers as above, the gauges appeared. My system did not allow file editing within FSX. It was necessary to copy the files out of FSX, edit them and paste back in. Damaged VME: A forum article by Bill Rambow indicates that the supposed "black hole" is a shield and intended. The gauge works perfectly. Oil Pressure gauge: A triangular portion of this gauge in the VC flickers on my system. GPS: If you attempt to select an ILS landing procedure FSX reports a "fatal error" and restarts. DME Gauge: The RNav and Appr switch selections do not appear to function. 2D Screen Location: This is much discussed. The FS Insider booklet supplied with FSX on page 10 indicates that the seat can be raised and lowered with CTRL+Q and CTRL+SHIFT+Q respectively. This is not included in the Key assignment articles within the software and works. The seat is however not really raised or lowered. The view is rotated from a reference point within the cockpit either up or down. The keys when held pressed down produce a cumulative effect. One snag is that when the side views are keyed and the screen refreshes, the 2D cockpit returns to its original location. The solution for this is to add a line to the panel.cfg file VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=12.0, 0.0, 0.0. The numbers relate to panel, bank & heading in %. The number 12.0 rotates the panel view 12.0% downwards. I added this line after the [default View] coding. I found 12.0% ideal for level flight in rhe R4D-6 but the number can ve varied to suit personal preference. I then CTRL+Q before take off to see the runway. During climb out I tap the POV left and release. The Numpad 4 or 6 also works. The 2D screen then returns to the 12.0% location where it remains. I note that the VC also initially rotates 12.0%. When adjusted FSX appears programmed to maintain the adjustment. The additonal coding can be used in any aircraft and probably works for FS2004. The default Cessna 172 already has this line included. Norm Hancock Screens: These have good forward vision over the instruments and are a lot of fun given there is a fully functioning GPS with ILS. The overhead electrical panel however, when selected causes a "fatal error" and FSX reloads. This means that the is no manual engine start or manual operation of the lights. For me the above adjustments re-invent the MAAM DC3 package. Jeff PS I would like to obtain DC3 liveries for Ansett and Qantas. These are Australian airlines and are included in the MAAM Freestuff website. The links however do not work. The significance for me is that I first flew in an Ansett and then Qantas DC3 in 1955, aged 8. Can anyone suggest where I could find them?
  2. Bill, Thanks. I appreciate the prompt reply. Fred Banting and I share a similar sarcastic sense of humour. Full power certainly shortens the takeoff roll though. Jeff
  3. I am operating FSX with the MAAM DC-3 suite of aircraft modified for FSX.. I have had the much debated issues with missing gauges that I have resolved with information from this forum. The loading and engine start procedures go well and I takeoff normally. However, at about 2000 feet altitude I hear a "chicken/turkey" sound over the speakers, the engines reduce to idle without any input from me and I settle slowly onto the ground. This only happens with the MAAM DC3 aircraft. The default FSX aircraft perform normally. The "chicken/turkey" sound must be part of FSX or the MAAM files - programmers with a sense of humour! I must be doing something incorrectly. Can anyone help? Jeff