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  1. Bill, Thanks. I appreciate the prompt reply. Fred Banting and I share a similar sarcastic sense of humour. Full power certainly shortens the takeoff roll though. Jeff
  2. I am operating FSX with the MAAM DC-3 suite of aircraft modified for FSX.. I have had the much debated issues with missing gauges that I have resolved with information from this forum. The loading and engine start procedures go well and I takeoff normally. However, at about 2000 feet altitude I hear a "chicken/turkey" sound over the speakers, the engines reduce to idle without any input from me and I settle slowly onto the ground. This only happens with the MAAM DC3 aircraft. The default FSX aircraft perform normally. The "chicken/turkey" sound must be part of FSX or the MAAM files - programmers with a sense of humour! I must be doing something incorrectly. Can anyone help? Jeff
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