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  1. Any new word on World Traffic 3 integration?
  2. I sent it earlier today Dave. Hope it helps. I did see an error about the map in it.
  3. Dave, I've had a few times where the map suddenly disappears and is replaced with a white box and a big red X. It happened again today when I clicked on the Terps button. After this happens, there doesn't seem to be a way to get the map back. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. I'll give it a try. EDIT: It worked well. Thanks. As a suggestion, couldn't the program sense the cruise speed and then automatically adjust the distances?
  5. I planned the following route which, according to SkyVector, is a preferred ATC route. I assume that this is a preferred route to take you around some mountain areas. KSNA SLI AHEIM OLLIE POXKU EBITE PDZ DEHAM DEGNE KRIV Very shortly after takeoff I am vectored by ATC away from the course and given vectors to the ILS at KRIV. The vectored path takes me right into the mountain area. I'd like to fly the route as filed, and then get vectors when I get close to KRIV. Why am I vectored so soon away from the filed course? What can I do to be able to fly the route as filed? Thanks Dave.
  6. The update r2 fixed the problem for me with the SayIt + window. I do still have the logs from this morning when I was having the error if you want them. Where would I email them? Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!
  7. I tried KTPA. Same thing.....blank. Tried IFR too. Same. I'm not the only one seeing this. Someone else reported in another thread that it is blank for them also. Anyway.....time to celebrate. We have a 20 lb prime rib for 10 people at 2 pm. I'll check back later.( if I'm not sleeping after all the food) Hope you can find the problem. Happy Holidays.
  8. I believe the SayIt + Window is still broken. Here's a 1 minute video that shows the problem:
  9. Dave, On my system the SayIt plus window now has the correct center box, but now the window on the left is broken. There is nothing in the pull down boxes on the left.
  10. Ok I have tried a few things. The Auto Plan problem IS related to the weather. As long as I get the weather first, and that may involve switching from SIM to NOAA as source, all is good. So that is solved. BUT..........there definitely is something wrong with the ?+ box. The middle section is blank gray in both X-Plane and P3Dv4.1. It wasn't like this before, you were able to fill in certain variables as needed. It's not useable this way.
  11. Yes I know how to use the ?+ box. As I said in the first post, I wasn't having these problems before. I'm going to try the suggestion above about the WX. If that doesn't work I'm going to try it with P3D to see if the problems are connected with X-Plane.
  12. Nope. I did that. But Thanks.
  13. I'm having several problems which I did not have before. First one: 1. Open Pilot2ATC and connect to sim 2. Click IFR 3. Enter waypoint KPVD 4. Enter waypoint KMVY 5. Click Auto Plan The "blue spinning wheel" appears and nothing happens. And yes I did wait a while. Second One: When I click on ?+ it used to give me the option to fill in values......now it doesn't. I have done a complete uninstall and reinstall and I still get these errors. Thanks.
  14. That's what I was thinking too. A strange sort of approach but that's the way it is on the real STAR. They make you fly to the VOR and then get vectored back for the approach. Thanks for all the help.