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  1. "Yes. That is the latest version" or "No. You have to update your T7" informations would be fine. Telling the colour of bar makes no sense because I guess we all know how that works. As Robert mentioned, T7 got update but there is no clue of update. Robert says T7 has update, operation center says no update for 777, version information says you have green bar. Who should we believe? I also cant reach to change log of 777LR/F, fyi.. Kara.
  2. PMDG will let you know when it released.
  3. PMDG Support follows this thread. They are the one who are going to solve this issue. :)
  4. I just want to let pmdg crew know the problems which appear after update to fix if it has solution rather than having attention.
  5. Rudder trim changes to 0.2L or 0.3L instead of 0.0 when I push manuel trim reset button. Is it normal?
  6. Sorry my bad. I'm using FSX Gold Edition with acceleration pack and I changed on Nvidia Inspector.
  7. I changed Vertical Sync to Use the 3D application settings and then this happened. Could it be cause ctd?
  8. I got another cdt just now. As soon as I clicked ADIRU push button, it crashed. Fault module name was PMDG_777X.dll and event name was BEX.
  9. It is not just happen when I'm switching from full screen to windowed mode or vice versa. It also happen when I exit fsx. It hasn't happen before update. Fault modules are PMDG_737NGX_2.dll and ntdll.dll separately. ntdll.dll causes ctd when I exit fsx.
  10. When I switch from windowed mode to full screen mode I get ctd. Before update I've never got ctd by switching screen mode. Update got worse.
  11. Yes. It might be. Thank you for your reply. By the way, after update, when wheel chocks are set, GSX still ask to set parking brakes unlike before update.
  12. I've been waiting for these features since they release 747. It's awasome. I expected to add on these updates but I disappointed.
  13. I don't know if it asked but I wonder. Will you add ground service vehicles to T7 and NGX?
  14. As they did in the Airplane The Movie :D
  15. ckaratr

    PMDG 777

    Probably you added livery without using ops. center. It was discussed before. I mentioned here You need to add some lines to aircraft.cfg in the Fsx Root folder/Sim Objects/Airplanes/PMDG 777-GMC folder. [fltsim.X] title=XXXXX GMC (Title must be exactly same as what you wrote in aircraft.cfg + GMC) sim=default model= texture=XXX And create a new folder in the PMDG 777 GMC and rename as if you're adding new aircraft. For example; texture.xxx. Then create texture.cfg into this folder and add this lines. [fltsim] alias=PMDG 777-300ER\texture.XXX
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