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  1. So, what you are telling me that just because it's $100 and not $90,000,000 that I shouldn't expect near flawless software? I don't think you understand how simulators work
  2. When paying nearly a hundred dollars, it better be near perfect.
  3. Yeah, I was told the geometry of the windows were too large, causing the overhead to be too high over the glare shield. Well that's great to hear
  4. I have some questions regarding service pack 2. I was told that there was going to be a service pack 2, yet I don't see anything about that pinned here in the NGX forum. If there IS an SP2, I was told it is going to fix the geometry of the windows. Kind of an obscure thing to be asking I guess, but can anyone give me info on these words?
  5. I feel like everyone is getting themselves over hyped about this xD I mean, it's just a high res 777 with highly simulated systems. It's not the cure for cancer or the fix to national debt! :lol:
  6. Its making me activate my NGX again, but giving back an error every time I try! Halp :(
  7. Yeah I'm gonna back up my downloads for the aircraft on 2 HDDs and 2 Flash Drives, aint no way Im losing those xD
  8. I just purchased the 737NG-X a few days ago but I will be building a new system in a month or two. How many times can my activation key me used and if I use it more than the times allowed do I have to spend $100 again or can I simply request new ones (because Im probably gonna have to re-install more than once knowing my luck with computers)
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