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  1. Well you go Sir, I did what you described and found out that the co-pilot was listening in on the Oculus Rift microphone. All is well now.
  2. OK, second time to see if anyone knows what is going on. I have the FSLABS A320 sitting at KATL on ground power as I read and try to figure out MCE. As I am sitting there, with the microphone OFF, the co-pilot starts rambling away. Several minutes of silence then she says "Slats Retracted" about 7 times in a row, then she says "Slats Extended". Wait a bit and she says some flaps command, can't understand what she is saying other than the word "Flaps". She repeats that about 7 times over a short period of time. Shortly after that she says. "Channel to Managed Mode", twice. Then it sounds like she said she had a bad night. Anyway you get the drift. The program is unusable to me if the co-pilot starts making random settings. I know there are many people that rave about this program and I hope I am one of them, f someone can just tell me how to stop this issue. Thanks
  3. thanks will give it a try. although it sounds as if the co-pilot is doing stuff
  4. At times when I start MCE all is fine the Co pilot just listen and respond. At other times the Co Pilot just starts rambling on, performing actions or just talking. Anyone know why this is?
  5. looks like someone in the Prepar3d forum stated that Prepar3d was running as a background task. Sure enough that was it. Although I do not know how it started as a background task.
  6. Prepar3d Scenario has white screen on vehicle selection. I can select a plane but the block where the planes picture show, remains all white. If I select an aircraft, airport, weather all loads but ends up in a totally black screen. I just installed Prepar3d v4 today. Installed ORBX scenery, Chase Plane and A2A C-172. Uninstalled C-172 to see if that made difference, no luck.
  7. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I downloaded the program from the website yesterday, April 11, 2015 and tried to install the program in Prepar3d several times. Each time the install failed with the following error, VAPanelSelect has stopped working. The last time i watched the install process closely. I watch the install the last couple of times and the program went through setting up index, then proceeded to Processing facility data. The blue progress bar moved smartly across the screen essentially filling up the entire bar, but when the falling was visible in the files section, "g:\lockheed martin\prepar3d v2\orbx\ftx_olc\olc_eu4\scenery\VersOBX.BGL" the program seemed to hang up. It remained motionless for approximately 3 minutes, then processed a few seconds more of facility data, closed that screen then I got the APanelSelect has stopped working message. Any help would be appreciated.
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