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  1. bstikkel

    Wildlife+ support

    Hi all, is it possible it would need a 64 bit 'injector' to make it work in P3Dv4 ? The Wildlife - as far as I know - is injected in FSX. and shows up around your plane, accoording to the settings one choses. Barry, would you consider creating a 64 bit version for P3Dv4. 64 bits maybe opens the possibility to insert dustclouds from animal groups in Africa, without lowering the framerate too much...
  2. bstikkel

    Saving main and undocked windows: possible ?

    Hello Lorby_SI, Thanks for your post of March 15, Sorry for not responding that quick. I do get distracted by daily life, sometimes ;-). Could you please help me remember what is again WAMA? Thanks for trying to help me with the issue. Greetings! Bram
  3. bstikkel

    Saving main and undocked windows: possible ?

    Thanks Lorby_SI and Matt Webb, for both your replies. It will have to continue the 'save to flight' methode, indeed then. And Matt, thanks for the tip about the windowposition set utility. I do use that, indeed. It does remember and set your window size and position. That's of great help also, indeed. But is does not remember the camerapositions in the windows. Well, let's be glad with what is possible and who knows, sometimes someone creates the tool I was hoping for :-) Kind regards! Bram
  4. Hello Lorby_SI, I have a sim cockpit in which I use five monitors to create the view out of the cockpit. I use one window per monitor, one main FSX-window and four undocked windows next to it, because the monitors are physical not all at the same height, . Untill now, I can only save this window configuration for a particular airplane by saving a flight with the aircraft in it. As soon as I load a different plane, all five windows show the same default (virtual) cockpit view. So for every plane I want to use, I have to set the cameraviews per window manually and then save it in a flight file. In one of the older forum items I read, Camera Position X can save the set camerapositions in the aircraft.cfg. Is that correct? And can Camera Position X also store the cameraposition settings from the main window ánd four undocked windows? Thanks for your reply, Kind regards! Bram Stikkel In this forum topic, I read, Camera Position X is able to save cameradefenitions in and aircraft.cfg.
  5. Hello devellopers of PTA, Is PTA capable to improve framerate values (in P3Dv4) ? Kind regards, Bram Stikkel
  6. Hi LZScout, Are you searching for the keyboard controls for the trims, or was the question specially related to the Saitek Trimwiel? Anyway, here's a link to a keyboard function pdf. In the corner left down are the key combi's for the various trim functions. Greetings Bram