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    I am the publishing Director for Just Flight and Just Trains. My profile is here:http://www.justflight.com/the-crew Please drop me a mail or PM if you are interested in getting your creation out into a wider world.
  1. Hello Everybody, I'm Alex Ford from Just Flight. Thanks very much for purchasing the Dove. I just wanted to drop a note here saying that we are working on a service pack to address the reported issues. Thanks very much for everybody's feedback.
  2. Yes, an improved paint kit will be in the service pack.
  3. Hello Everybody. It’s Alex Ford from Just Flight again. I just wanted to post an update saying that we have started work on creating a service pack for the F27. We have read and will continue to read all of your feedback and where possible will incorporate it in the update, there are however a few things that are outside the scope of the product. When the SP is ready I will post a list of what’s been addressed. We have no date for the SP’s release yet and we will only release it when it’s fully ready. In the meantime thank you for all your feedback, it’s great to see so many of you enjoying the F27 and we are especially enjoying all the great looking repaints that are appearing!
  4. Hello Everybody. My name is Alex Ford. I’m the Publishing Director at just Flight. I just wanted to post an initial message firstly saying thank you very much for purchasing our new F27 Friendship, secondly its very nice to see that so many of you are enjoying it and thirdly thank you all for your feedback both good and these reporting issues or clarification. We are reading everybody’s comments as far as is humanly possible and we are feeding back any issues so that they can be investigated and if valid addressed. There will be a software update issued for the F27 as soon as its ready, but currently we have no release date for it, however needless to say that its being worked on now with all due attention. I will post here again as things progress.
  5. Gentlemen, Thank you for your feedback. The HUD should have been pretty good. I will investigate why it has not met your expectations and see what can be improved. The VC textures are always a subjective subject but will also look at them as well. The Saudi text should have been correct and also picked up before release. I will get this corrected. Regards Alex Ford Just Flight.
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