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  1. To: LuisFelizTirado From: avphoto a.k.a "Coast" I am impressed with both the quality and amount of effort you have shown in passing on you knowledge and expertise to others. I really have a large learning curve in front of me before I can use some of these techniques in the repaints I plan in the future. I started with Photoshop Elements 10 but have switched to GIMP 2.8 which has the RGB/Alpha channel support not found in Elements. I also have Lightroom 3, and plan to upgrade to Lightroom 4, but I still thick GIMP is the way to go so we can all share our experiences and any techniques we develop. PS: CS6 or whatever comes next from Adobe is definitely out of my price range.
  2. Hello All, This is my first post on this forum, and specifically in the MS Flight repaints topic area. I have decided the best way to provide them to this community is via my Skydrive, in the the same manner and for the same reasons F50ACE has already "stated". It allows me the flexibilty to improve them in the future while assuring that older versions are replaced. I have placed the flightAddon files in individual folders on my Skydrive named for the addon it contains. A picture of the repainted aircraft is also in the folder, and is shown for you to see what it contains. See the following: The link to my public folder is: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=0E60B6510113856E&id=E60B6510113856E!110 Finally, since these are my first attempts, any feedback you could provide would be appreciated. Special note to Air1: The Clandestine Cargo you previously mentioned is in this group. Thanks, PS: Just call me "Coast"
  3. I am new to the AVSIM forum, but not to MS Flight. I have been talking with F50ACE for some time about repaints and am also known as "Coast". I have decided to keep my repaints on my Skydrive for the same reasons F50ACE has given, namely the ability to manage updated versions of these repaints. I am posting a link to my Skydrive where I have made four MS Flight repaints available for download. and here is the link: http://https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=0E60B6510113856E&id=E60B6510113856E!110 To Air1: The Clandestine Cargo C-46 you were interested in is containes in this group of repaints.
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