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  1. Yep all is good with the world again. Happy simming folks
  2. The title pretty much explains what I'm experiencing, the download server for the updates is not responding?
  3. Can someone here tell me in plain english how to operate this thing? I read the instructions and I'm still none the wiser.
  4. In my opinion Carenado have for too long now taken their clients for granted. Their planes look fantastic however that's as far as it goes, their Proline 21 is rubbish and flight dynamics are pretty much the same from one plane to another. With companies such as A2A, Vertex (ex Realair) which I might add were way ahead of the rest and still are with the Duke Turbine, Xtreme prototypes, Milviz and even Just Flight. These companies are producing addons equal to in eye candy and far superior in flight dynamics and avionics yet, are comparable in price, with some cheaper than Carenado.
  5. Thank you Bert and fppilot, the suggestions you've made do bring up the rxp 530 in the panel however not all the knobs are functional for example, the right inner knob that turns the cursor on and off. It controls the cursor OK but it doesn't change the selection within the groups selected by the outer knob. That can only be achieved by bringing up the pop up window where all functions are available. And then that's not even any good to me because I fly VR and that doesn't allow me to access the controls in the pop up window. In my opinion Milviz haven't taken any of these issues into consideration and looks as though I'll be ditching Milviz as a dead loss now and into the future. I've approached Milviz in the past about another issue and found them to be quite dismissive. It's quite funny because one of my favorite planes is the Realair Duke Turbine which as you know was produced a number of years ago and I've had no trouble integrating either the F1 GTN 750/650 or the RXP 530 in to the cockpit. In fact I have two RXP 530's installed and use one expressly for terrain. Again thank you both for your help Regards Matthew
  6. I have to say that the only reason I'm trying to persevere with the Milviz C310 is because I paid hard earned for it, but my patience is wearing thin with this mob and their addons. I own just the Reality XP GNS 530 and not the 430. Is there any way to simply install the 530? I've tried pretty much everything including the RXP utility in the addons menu with zero success, the only way I can get the RXP 530 is in a pop up window and that is not my desired outcome as I want to install it in the panel. The Milviz MVAMS will only allow for the installation of both the 530 and the 430 as mentioned here which, in my opinion is the not the brightest of ideas. Is there a solution to this? Apologies for the slight rant, but I do find everything about Milviz, awkwardly unorthodox. With thanks Matthew
  7. I've just recently rediscovered this incredible plane however when landing there seems to be little if no rudder authority? I've checked the yaw damper is off yet there is still little to no rudder authority. Am I missing something? Those here who are more familiar with this plane may be able to shed some light. Thanks in advance. Regards Matt D
  8. I know there is little in the way of forum discussion re this outstanding plane however I'll ask the question anyway. I'm trying to link my what would normally be my L & R prop levers to the L & R Fuel Selector Levers in the DA 62 via FSUIPC, but it appears there are no appropriate control option available in FSUIPC. Is this possible? Thanks in advance
  9. So I've just spent $42 plus Australian dollars for the SVS and the only G1000 plane I have is the Phenom 100. So now this bloody $42 investment crashes the sim every time I load the Phenom, not happy at all. Yes I've made exceptions in the firewall and Bitdefender virus protection etc etc etc. Uninstalled both the plane and the SVS and still it crashes the sim. I would have thought these issues would have been sorted by Carenado.
  10. RealAir amazing addons! I'll definitely be a first-day buyer of this one. I trust VERTX are working on an internet site.
  11. Eaglesoft " Flight Simulation for the 21st Century..." I don't think so. Don't get me wrong their SR22 was and still is the best ever for flight sim. But the world of flight sim has moved on since then
  12. I'm really frustrated with the AI situation for P3D V4 I purchased UTL and I have to say I'm most underwhelmed with it's performance. So called soft releases etc. are driving me crazy. I've simply reverted back to the default AI until someone can release a (FINAL) version of an AI traffic program.
  13. Yep same issue with me. I have rudder authority on take off and climb, it's not until I've disengaged the AP prior to and on landing when I lose rudder authority.
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