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  1. So what you're saying is the PMDG777 is not compatible with FSX multiplayer? Wish I knew that before I bought it. When I first used it, it was perfectly fine but now everytime I spawn in there is no landing gear and I can't touch any button. I looked on some many different forum posts about the same problem but no one had an answer. It works great in single player but I prefer to be on multiplayer. Direct connect through an IP. Would there be some sort of fix in the near future? I guess I'll just have to wait until something comes up. Pretty disappointed but hey things happen. Thanks
  2. Just read I have to sign it to get a reply. By Chris Pringle
  3. Hi there so I recently bough the PMDG 777. I loaded up a 777F in Multilplayer )(through direct connect lan) and everything was fine. I then noticed another person who was in a 777-200 LR which I haven't used yet and his landing gear wasn't visible. I just assumed this was because I have not loaded one of the 777-200 LR and I was sure I was supposed to say yes to a few gauges that would come up before you can use the plane. So then I tried loading in with one of them and I had no landing gear and everything was black. I tried single player and there was no problem. I went back to multiplayer and it was the same again. I then tried the 777F and that too which didn't before had the same problem in multiplayer. Is there any fix for this? Thanks
  4. Hello I am having a problem with the phenom 300. When I got to the mfd and click proc and try and select a departure it only gives me the option to 'select and approach'. I have tried uninstalling the navigraph but I can't seem to get it going. Can anyone please help
  5. So I bought the phenom 300 yesterday and I have been watching a youtube video with a guy going from PANC. I followed what he did but when I got to the point of pressing proc to insert a departure I was unable to do so. It only allows me to select an approach. I have been trying for ages to fix this but I can't. Can anyone help me?
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