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  1. Thanks David You are in the right direction, APT_RWY.DAT is the culprit, I have got the fix from Navigraph and Peter Dawson's web plage Regards Rick
  2. Hi PMDG 747-438ER Pilots My friend and I have started to create flight plans in the FMC. When I started a flight plan from YBBN to YMML, just after I typed in YBBN in page 1 of the route, An error message came up: YBBN Err: 01R Rwy N/A I then went to DEP/ARR page and there were no runways and no SIDS listed, just nothing. My friend started a flight plan WSSS to VHHH and just after entered WSSS, up came the error WSSS 21Rwy N/A I reinstalled Navigraph, but to no avail. Has any other flight simmers come across this error? Your help would be most appreciated Regards Richard
  3. Hi David Many thanks for your input, we changed the permission but no success so far, Many thanks Richard
  4. Please help.. I am using Prepare 3DV4.3 Windows 10 64GB Ram NVIDIA 6GB Video card 500GB SSD card Gigabyte Gaming Motherboard 1200Watt Power I have compiled a flight plan in the QW787-9 FMC, then I went to the INDEX then to INIT/REF and clicked on SAVE FLP. Next the FMC issues a message that the Flight Plan has been saved, However, it has not been saved at all, I checked the QW787 Directory where the flight plans should have gone, but they were NOT there. When I had FSX-SE and QW 787 installed, I had no trouble at all to compile a flight plan and save it, also I could retrieve it from the REQUEST menu in the FMC. Has anyone got this problem, its driving me crazy. Regards Richard
  5. Hi I have just installed P3DV4.3 64 bit, and installed the great Quality Wings 787 Dreamliner. When I compile a flight plan in the FMC and Save it, the FMC shows a message saying that my flight plan has been saved, I fly the flight plan, close P3DV4. Next day I open P3DV4 and request my previously saved flight plan, but it is not in the stored Flight Plans page in the FMC. I then check the Prepare 3DV4 flight plans folder, but my flight plan is not in there. By the way I had the QW787 in my FSX-SE and I had no problems at all compiling and saving, retrieving the flight plans. I have 2 other P3DV4 users with QW787 who have the same problem. QW forum is no help, no one answers. Please can anyone help?? (Michael Moe thanks for your input it was most appreciated) Regards Richard Swan
  6. Michael Thanks again for your help. My problem is in the FMC and the Quality Wings Flight Plan Folder. I have 3 other friends who just recently converted to P3DV4 from FSX-SE. We all just copied and pasted our FSX-SE 787 flight plans into our P3DV4. All was OK using these flight plans until we decided to make a new flight plan in the FMC. After compiling the flight plan, I saved it. The FMC gave a message that it was saved eg: YSSYYBBN19.RTE all looked good. I flew the flight and it worked great. Next day I opened up the FMC and wanted to repeat the flight again. After clicking on REQUEST, my flight plan was not in the stored flight plans. I also checked the QW/787/Flight plans Folder and it was not there. Michael, I have ran this procedure many, many times to no avail, In FSX-SE I had no problems at all. The Flight planner in P3DV4 is not linked to the FMC flight plan. I have deleted P3DV4 3 times and no luck. Many Thanks for your time, it is greatly appreciated. I am at a dead end Regards Richard
  7. Michael No luck saving it in the P3DV4 menu is only for flight plans developed in the Flight planner (just word not allowed the FSX-SE flight planner, It does not save a FMC flight plan, Do you have no problems saving your compiled flight plans? I f you don't have any problems could you let me know your procedure, just in case I am missing out. Regards Richard
  8. Thanks Michael I do save the flight plan inside the fMC, the odd thing is that in FSX-SE I had no problems, all my compiled flights were saved and went into the QW Flight Plans Folder. However in P3DV4 I am unable to save the flights. I have 3 other friends who are experiencing the same problem. I will try saving it into the P3DV4 menu, and I will let you know. Much appreciated for your time Regards Richard
  9. I have just recently purchased Prepare 3DV4.3 and have copied my QW787 Flight plans from my FSX-SE to my QW 787 Flight plans folder. All is oK I can access these flight plans from the stored flight plans in the FMC. However, in Prepare3DV4 when I compile a new Flight Plan in the FMC and save it, the flight plan does not go into the stored flight plans folder. I have 2 other friends with Prepare 3DV4 who have the same problem with saving their compiled flight plans. I have searched every where in the Prepare 3DV4 folder and cannot locate my flight plans. By the way, after compiling my flight plan, I save it and the FMC sends a message that the flight plan has been saved. Would greatly appreciate any help please Richard
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