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  1. Hello, In the new 747 by PMDG the default ATC won't let me turn to the atc. I try to push the buttons it tells me to tune to a station but it fails to work, when I try changing it manually it still doesn't allow me to talk on that frequency. It use ATC for runway assignment, and gate assignment, now I'm missing this feature for my flying. Any Help? Thanks! Jason
  2. Hi guys! Recently pmdg updated their 737. When I go to update it in the service pack area of their website it says log in. I logged in and when I go back to that page it logs me out again and I therefor cannot download the service pack. Any Help? Thanks Jason
  3. Pilot25

    Check List

    Hi all 777-200/300 pilots! I was wondering if someone had checklist that compare to real world ones that they use in the pmdg 777. I know the 777 has checklists built into the system but I would like some paper ones. Thanks! Jason
  4. Hi all 747-400/8 pilots! I was wondering if someone had some good checklist they use in there 747 flights that they could share? Thanks! Jason
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