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  1. I can confirm this behaviour of XPUIPC version too. I remain incredibly grateful to the developers of Linda as it has transformed my simming thanks to its superb flexibility in interfacing with the VRInsight MCP that I use. I live in hope that it will, one day, make it across to X-plane especially now that there are some decent study-level aircraft being produced for XP.
  2. I'm a beta tester for the new FSLabs A320. I currently fly the Aerosoft Airbus series using the VRInsight FMCU running the excellent Linda software. (Linda also allows me to fly a host of other aircraft using the FMCU ranging from the PMDG 777 through to Concorde) My question is aimed principally at Guenseli: are you planning to produce a module for the FSLabs Bus when it is released? (Do hope so!!) Thanks to all who have worked so hard on this project!
  3. Thanks so very much for going to the trouble of writing this guide and, especially, for sharing. A lot of stuff I do know already - my pc specs, software and scenery are remarkably similar to yours btw - but a bunch of really interesting extras such as the Rex weather tip. Good job sir and clear skies!
  4. Dbader


    Yes I realise that not everything works quite as well on the 777 for example but it's way better than using a mouse as it is!! Thanks again Andy: great work!
  5. Dbader


    My VRInsight Airbus FCU arrived yesterday and I've been in simmer's heaven: Linda 2.6.3 is utterly superb!!! It's taking quite a while to set up the massive number of options available for each aircraft in my hangar but the program has worked without a hitch; just couldn't have done without it. Thanks so much for your continued development.
  6. Understood, thanks. Actually I hadn't enabled the VRInsight panel but recall that the console was showing an error on com 3, which I had reserved as per your suggestion. (Obviously with no actual panel being connected Linda threw up an error) Forgot to say that I was also happily able to disconnect then reconnect hardware on the fly too. :-) Hope your head has a good rest from all the scratching now!! ;-)
  7. Great job, many thanks for such a quick solution! I can report that 2.6.2 is working fine on my system now. Funnily enough I am expecting my VRInsight panel to arrive within a day or two and was planning to see if it worked with 2.6.2 or not. Reloading the Lua engine also works fine now - no crash when I try this. The console in 2.6.2 opens automatically when Linda loads. Not a problem but different behaviour to 2.5.7
  8. Hi Dbader Thank you for that very useful report. I will test that combination tomorrow (too close to bedtime now). What function assignment did you make? Heading bug fast decrease in the PMDG 737 Didn't have enough time to test other functions I'm afraid.
  9. Hi there, Have just tested 2.6.2 and found that FSX doesn't crash if I load Linda and open the console window first. FSX DOES crash as soon as I attempt to reload the Lua engine. Weirdly the test assignment I made did not appear to function, which is why I tried reloading the Lua engine. Back to 2.5.7 for now. This is probably driving you nuts. ;-)
  10. Hi there. Regrettably both 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 lead to an instant CTD just as soon as Linda begins loading. (Once the aircraft appears on the runway) All is well with 2.5.7 however. Running FSX in Windows 7 64 bit Just using a Saitek T-Hotas at the moment.
  11. Many thanks for your reply. I have downloaded modules for all the aircraft that I fly currently and the functionality seems very impressive. (Even for Concorde, which is not fully functional though not through any shortcoming in the Linda software) I think I might be going the Airbus FCP route then. Good to know that you fly for BAV though under a different name I assume - like me! ;-) Donation made. :-)
  12. First of all to ScotFlieger - a huge thanks for all the incredible work you've done! Equal thanks to the founders of Linda for such a superb piece of software. Having played around with Linda over the last week or so it seems to suit my needs perfectly. One big question that I am hoping Scot might have the answer to: which MCP to purchase from VRInsight? I fly the following aircraft: FSLabs Concorde X, PMDG 737 and PMDG 777, Aerosoft A318,320,321, A2A C172 Both MCPs seem to work well using Linda but I can see myself flying the Airbus more often now that the 737 is being phased out of the BA fleet. (Yes I fly for BAV) (Of course I, like many, am eagerly awaiting the FSLabs version of the Airbus!!)
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