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  1. Confirm ... After turning on the right AFT, the display in CDU L works. The screen goes black when the right AFT is turned off
  2. Okay, problem solved. Most likely, the update has checked "Run this program as an administrator" Checking this option resolved the problem. Thank you for your help and best regards.
  3. Thank you for the quick reply. The sim is fully running, I am connected to the Internet, I have the English (US) language pack installed and active. I have an active and working microphone. I set the callsigns to default and restarted the computer. Unfortunately, nothing helped. FSUIPC works for sure because other programs such as MobiFlight Connector work with it. I would like to add that everything was working well until yesterday. Only after updating to version 2.6.3 it started to disconnect.
  4. Hello, Yesterday after the last flight (everything was fine) I updated P2ATC to 2.6.3. I also have FSUIPC in the newest version 7.3.6 and yet every time I click "connect" in P2ATC I get the message "SIMULATOR DISCONNECTED". I reinstalled FSUIPC but that didn't solve the problem. I don't want to reinstall P2ATC due to Amazon Polly voices where installation is very problematic. Anyone have any idea? Restarting the computer doesn't help either. Thank you and Regards ... Adam
  5. Thank you very much and regards 🙂
  6. Hello, Does Axis nad Ohs work with Arduino boards? I wanted to assign rotary encoders but Axis over Ohs can't see my Arduino. I searched the resources on this topic but found nothing Thanks ... Adam
  7. I have set English (US) but I didn't do voice training. @ailchim @MDFlier thank you guys for the tips :)
  8. Hello, maybe a stupid question ... Until now I have used the button control option. I wanted to enable voice control today. I don't know where to activate it. If activation is in the config-setup tab, I can't do anything there because I still have INTERFACE: BUTTON CONTROL-LOCK Please help
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