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  1. dan172

    pc rebooting

    After a PC restart I can use DCS for a fairly long time, when I close DCS, wait a while, load her up again I get about 1 minute before PC reboots itself, it's almost like the computer runs out of juice and refills on a restart.. can anyone make sense of that? cheers
  2. dan172

    pc rebooting

    Thanks guys I really appreciate it. temps seem pretty good, nothing to worry about 64 at max but that wasn't at max performance. Using HWMonitor My GTX 1070Ti had Voltage at Value:1.044 Min:0.850 Max:1.050 that was in the Alabao R66 Orbx Cairns, Oculus Rift,, 30 seconds after those values, BOOM! pc restart as I headed to the city of cairns. I have all the p3d values dummed down, all drivers up to date. ram test. ok I actually had a R9 390x which did the same thing, so thinking it was the problem I bought this 1070Ti only to have the same issue.
  3. Hey all. Im pretty into flight simming with my rift. prepar3d I have a msi GTX 1070ti 4790k Z97X gaming 3 DDR 3 16 Gig ram thermaltake smart 750w 80bronze can someone help me with why my pc reboots under load, eg addon airports and scenery. default scenery I can fly around all day. In oculus tray tools when I set Power plan to high performance and put on the rift, the sim rebooted straight away. also Nautilus game reboots the PC after about 5 - 10 mins. thanks guys. Dan.
  4. Hey mate, Can I pls get the mod for V2 tbm. Dan0172@gmail.com Thanks mate.
  5. dan172

    Integrating a GTN 750

    Hey Bert, I'd love this integration of thats ok. She's a great plane to fly Dan0172@gmail.com Thanks mate