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  1. Ah ok. I don't have that. So it's a different issue for me.. :-\
  2. Ugh. The V-tail. They're terrible. I've flown one a good bit and I hated it.
  3. No. I haven't sent you a ticket yet. I've been flying 7 days a week and have been getting home late. So, I don't currently have time to do a remote session with you.
  4. Everything is installed fresh and current version. Still no flaps for me. Oh well.
  5. If the FO can recognize that a speed limit has been exceeded and says: “we need to slow down first” before the flaps or gear is extended; how would they be deployed in cruise? Anyway, as far as doing the remote session it would have to be set up in advance because my job keeps me pretty busy. I may just ask for a refund since it isn’t working properly for me. I’ll continue to look for things when I get a chance but I’ve never had this problem before with FS2crew products. Oh well.
  6. Yeah.... I kind of thought that's how it worked... maybe there should be a trigger for him to set t/o flaps... which he doesn't do for me anyway, but I should be able to say "flaps 15" regardless of the phase of flight and as long as the aircraft is within limits he should put the flaps down. That goes for the gear too.
  7. I have gone thru my bindings about 25 times. There is NOTHING bound to flaps on any controller in P3D or FSUIPC.
  8. I'm sure I did, however, I'll re-run it in just a minute and make sure. But would that affect his extending them when asked on the approach phase? I can say "flaps 15" when in the approach phase and it display in the green bar and him say: "speed check" and then not moving the lever. Update: Yes, I went thru the entire checklist and did the controls check and said: "Flight controls check completed." He did not set the flaps and when he got to the "FLAPS SLATS" item on his check list he said: "Flaps/Slats?" and I didn't reply because they weren't set and he just eventually said: "Set. After start checklist completed"
  9. I’ve run voice training in the past. Everything I say is recognized and shown correctly on the green bar. He doesn’t set flaps before taxi and he won’t set them when I’m in the approach phase. I have to do it manually.
  10. Yes. I’ve followed the manual exactly. He won’t set flaps. I’ve had him do it once during the taxi check I think but never again. After takeoff I ask for flaps up, nothing. It says “ flaps up” in the green bar. I’ll manually retract them and then go thru the descent and approach portions. When I as for “flaps 15” it says that in the bar, the FO responds “speed check” then nothing.
  11. flap bindings in the sim are deleted and those controllers are disabled. I'm using FSUIPC and I removed flap bindings there as well.
  12. Well.. I spoke too soon. It reverted back to not working again. He set the flaps for t/o once and then wouldn't acknowledge flaps up or slats retract. Now he won't set them anymore.
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