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  1. So this is awkward in three ways. I called you out in my post being all like "oooh Kyle does this" and then you respond to my post. I totally 100% had my throttles halfway up the freaking quadrant. You made a video, that I have watched, about hardware throttles. Thanks Kyle
  2. On a turnaround, I turned the fuel back onto run while preparing. I have seen Kyle Rodgers do this. I immediately hear the siren. I have resettable siren turned on. I hit the button to reset the warning and the siren continues. I haven't touched the autopilot, and I'm on the ground. How do I silence that alarm?
  3. Announced just this week, the RAF are buying nine Boeing P-8 Poseidons (Flightglobal). At the moment the US Navy mostly use them, and the PMDG NGX comes with a Navy livery for the NGX. Using the RAF’s A330 Voyager as inspiration, I’d love to see a livery for the NGX! You can also look at the Nimrod MR2, which is what it is replacing. (Admittedly it is a ‘spy’ plane so possibly needs to look more like the Nimrod than the Voyager.)
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