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  1. OMG OMG OMG Thank you so so so so much :smile: :smile: :smile: So wonderfull :wub: Really ... Thank you very very much for all your Work
  2. Hello, Im very sorry if I ask so often again. But I wanted to ask again about the Gulf Air Livery :smile:
  3. Spotter ... take time as long as you need ... all is fine :smile:
  4. Thank you very much and also for your good work :smile:
  5. Where can I download the Skyteam Livery ?
  6. That is also what I would recommend to you. To do a full new installation. In my past I had also many errors and I did a reinstallation and all works fine now.
  7. Spotter, can you describe it a little ? I mean your error. When does it happen ?
  8. But even that I want to say Thank you Spotter for all your efforts :smile:
  9. Hey Spotter, no problem I can understand it :smile: Maybe Dan can finish it ? I mean if it is okay for you Spotter, when Dan would finish it.
  10. @spotter are you able to finish the Gulf Air Livery ? :smile: btw I hope you are not mad that I ask so often. Its only that I cant wait to use the Gulf Air Livery
  11. Nice to hear that you continue your work :smile:
  12. @spotter251 how is your progress with the Gulf Air Livery ? :smile:
  13. Uuuups ... Im sorry. Yes I see it. I thought you made also the repaints here. Okay then I have trust in you that you will do a great repaint B)
  14. It looks great so far :smile: Im sure your repaint will be awesome like your other repaints. I have trust in you
  15. That would be wonderful ... Thank you so much :smile:
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