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  1. OMG OMG OMG Thank you so so so so much :smile: :smile: :smile: So wonderfull :wub: Really ... Thank you very very much for all your Work
  2. Hello, Im very sorry if I ask so often again. But I wanted to ask again about the Gulf Air Livery :smile:
  3. Spotter ... take time as long as you need ... all is fine :smile:
  4. Thank you very much and also for your good work :smile:
  5. Where can I download the Skyteam Livery ?
  6. That is also what I would recommend to you. To do a full new installation. In my past I had also many errors and I did a reinstallation and all works fine now.
  7. Spotter, can you describe it a little ? I mean your error. When does it happen ?
  8. But even that I want to say Thank you Spotter for all your efforts :smile:
  9. Hey Spotter, no problem I can understand it :smile: Maybe Dan can finish it ? I mean if it is okay for you Spotter, when Dan would finish it.
  10. @spotter are you able to finish the Gulf Air Livery ? :smile: btw I hope you are not mad that I ask so often. Its only that I cant wait to use the Gulf Air Livery
  11. Nice to hear that you continue your work :smile:
  12. @spotter251 how is your progress with the Gulf Air Livery ? :smile:
  13. Uuuups ... Im sorry. Yes I see it. I thought you made also the repaints here. Okay then I have trust in you that you will do a great repaint B)
  14. It looks great so far :smile: Im sure your repaint will be awesome like your other repaints. I have trust in you
  15. That would be wonderful ... Thank you so much :smile:
  16. Thank you very much for the information. Do you think it will be available in the future ? :smile:
  17. Hey guys, Im sorry to ask again, but where can I get a 787 Gulf Air Repaint ? Thank you very much :smile:
  18. Hello, one question is anywhere a 787-8 repaint of Gulf Air ? Thank you very much :smile:
  19. Woooow really awesome ... Thank you very much :smile:
  20. Thank you very much for your help. I know im a newbie in the FSX world ... But I only fly in my free time. And again im not a Proffesional FSX Pilot. I learned very much with the time. Maybe it has nothing to do with the real world ... But I know how to start a plane, how to land and for me thats it :smile: Im honest I have still to learn a lot. But Im too lazy sometimes. I want to be in the sky to enjoy the sun and the clouds, to see the Ocean and some Sceneries. So for me words like ... VORs, NAVAIDS, SIDs, STARs, Waypoints etc. is not important. Because I use usuall IFR flights and I the Autopilot or when I am really lazy I use FSXpilot ... I know I should learn it ... And since 3 days ... I starting to study how to use a FMC ... and also it is the first time that I heard about Flex Temps or COG or TOD ... but I will learn it in small steps ... What mades me crazy for example ... I program a route into the FMC ... so far no problems ... and in about 35.000 feets I search the ILS Approach and I program it into the FMC ... But then I can do what I want there is no TOD ... So I checked it out ... I read it in other Threads or the capt. Sim forum ... that the FMC is not working correctly ... But Im very happy that you all can help me and that you all are really patient. On other sites I dont get a lot of help because most of people told me ... at first you have to learn it all and then you can ask us ... So this is not really a help ... I have the will to learn that all ... but it is so much so I have to do it in small steps ... And just I said ... for me it is not so important to know everything because I only want to see the skies, the sun, the sceneries, the Ocean ... and I do or I try to do a full flight with the Autopilot ... okay to start and to land I do it manually or when it is possible an ILS landing ... thats it :smile:
  21. Thank you very much for the Video I will watch it later. I know now how to enter the ILS/CRS into the FMC and yes it does work ... But I have a last question ... I cant hear this beep when I catch the Localizer ... In the concorde I know it is off ... you have to turn it on ... How can I turn it on in the 777 ? So that I can hear it ... when I catch the localizer ...
  22. This was the Information what I needed ... thank you very much :smile:
  23. Thank you very much for your Help Flex, but there is a big Problem ... I dont know how to enter the ILS Frequency manually in 777-200 capt. Sim ... Because I posted it in an other thread some days ago ... I know it only from other planes ... you open the Radio panel and there you can enter the ILS freq and all what you have to do is to activate the NAV1 Button and you have to enter CRS ... But on the capt. Sim Radio Panel ... there is no Option for NAV1 ... and you cant enter the ILS freq there ... CRS is also a Problem here ... there is no CRS Button on the panel ... I cant enter the CRS anywhere ... I mean on a panel ... I got a link some days ago for a Tutorial ... and in this Tutorial I had to learn to use the FMC ... Im never flown using FMC until this tutorial ... And I know now you can select your ILS Approach with the DEP/ARR Button Im sorry im not a Professional Flight Sim Pilot ... that is the reason why I ask so much :smile: I mean learning by doing but sometimes I dont know what to do like in this cause ... when you have a plane and you are not able to set ILS freq and CRS on a panel ...
  24. Hey together :smile: , please I need help with some general questions. In my example I use the capt. Sim 777-200 ... If am wrong, please correct me ... When I use the FMC I want to fly a complete route, my problem is I want to make a complete route include the aprroach runway. Here is the first problem ... How do we know on what runway we will land ? As I know ... the ATC will give you the information of the runway on your destination Airport ... So when I program the FMC before Take off ... I cant program the FMC with approach runway Vectors because I dont know on what runway I will land. So for me the only solution is to take off with FMC ... and at the destination I will land manually with IFR to get the runway direction ... So now ... I want to do an ILS landing ... In the 777-200 of capt. Sim ... as far as I know ... you are not able to enter an ILS frequency and CRS manually as in other planes ... you can only enter it in the FMC ... But here is the problem ... I cant program the FMC with runway vectors because I dont know what runway the ATC will prefer for my flight ... So I can never make an ILS landing with this 777-200 ... because Im not able to program the approach runway vectors ... How can I solve this problem ? Do you have any ideas ? I mean of course I can enter any runway in the FMC ... but it is possible that the ATC gives me an other runway ... and then ? So that cant be the solution ... to guess on what runway I will land ... And also the Time of Descent Point ... the FMC is not able to calculate the TOD when you dont enter a runway ... And here again ... I dont have a destination runway information ... because I dont know it at the depart Airport ... Thank you very much for any help
  25. Thank you so much for your help. I found it all and I did my first Autoland with the concorde X ^_^ Only thing is ... the plane was not landing on the runway ... it landed beside the runway ... but I guees it has something to do with the ILS frequencies because I use an addon for the Airport ... I executed "make runways" from Pete Dowson ... I hope the plane will now land on the runway ^_^ Thank you very much again
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