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  1. I've just bought and tried this and I can't get it to detect my AIG traffic at all - I have lots installed but nothing seems to be detected. Anyone encounter the same?
  2. I'm in Dublin, so looks like the same time zone as yourself!
  3. Did all this, and no difference I'm afraid! Still won't update.
  4. I'll reenable it and add an exclusion and see what happens! I'll report back later!
  5. I'm actually not running an antivirus at all! I disabled Windows defender completely using a group policy.
  6. Hi there, For the past few updates, I've been unable to update automatically. I've disabled antivirus and firewall and clicked the version number, but nothing happens. If I launch WUPDATE_SSL.EXE in the application directory, I get an error message "[1] Load library error: 0023.LIB, Code: 101000182". Any ideas?
  7. Yes, I don't have V4 present and the drop down box is set for V5
  8. Hi, I have the same error on loading, and if I ignore it, a search doesn't find any aircraft. Just checked my registry entries and they all seem to be correct.
  9. Hey - it's a problem with any add-on.xml files that have the lines "<AddOn.Description />" in it!
  10. If I delete the "<AddOn.Description />" line in the add-on.xml files, P3D loads!
  11. I'm having the same issue - it seems it's EzDok crashing. I have to restart the computer every time I relaunch P3D.
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