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  1. pashut77

    757-200 cruise charts

    I was looking for some info the other day that might help you. the link is its from delta virtual with a lot of info about the 757 and its performance charts. I do not know if its accurate but might give you a place to start. Hope it works for you.
  2. pashut77

    tail logo light pmdg 747-400X

    thank you!!!!!! I'll try that. And no i'm not even getting that on my livery mine it's completely dark.
  3. Hi guys!!! I have a problem with the tail logo light in the 747 400X. the logo light never come on after using the switch in the cockpit. I tried reinstalling the program, reinstalling the FSX and still I can't make it work. I bought shockwave 3d lights thinking it would fix it but no luck. Please any help would be deeply appreciated. (I dind look into the cfg file but after installing the software it do not have the logo light line in it. I dont know why it doesn't. I have the boxed version and did already the upgrades). Thank you in advance. Edgar E Gallardo