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  1. AnthonyB256

    AIRAC cycle

    Hi all, Yup, WindshearDK is correct, I am aware that my AIRAC cycle is outdated at the moment, but I generally only update it twice to 3 times a year so as not to get confused if atc on vatsim give me a SID that I don't have or something like that ; I was wondering whether 1309 will come with the T7 Anthony
  2. AnthonyB256

    AIRAC cycle

    Hi all, Was just reading through a couple of things and looking at the PMDG facebook page. I noticed on the FMC in a picture the AIRAC cycle was 1309. I bought 1308 for the NGX recently, so worst comes to the worst I can just use that cycle for the T7. But I was wondering, does anyone know if 1309 will be the cycle they use for the 777? I personally think it would be a little harsh to use the rather old cycle default in the NGX for the T7 Thanks
  3. Hi everyone! I've been using AS2012 recently as I got fed up with REX giving me 70kt crosswinds at 3000ft when the METAR said 2kts However, recently I've noticed that for some reason the plane is almost shaking from side to side slightly (almost as if I'm yawing left and right in very quick succession) when in the Airbus X of the 737 NGX. I assume it is S-Turns? I wasn't sure if that meant turning normally left to right at first, but I assume now that what I'm getting is S-Turns as effectively that is what shows on the ND turn indicator (the dotted line thingy). They seem to come and go really, but more often than not they are there. Sometimes I find going into spot view on the 737 makes them smaller and going back into VC view makes them larger again. I turned the turbulence scale down to 0.5000000 (however many 0s were there!) as per the manual, but I still seem to get the S-turns, be them every so slightly smaller. Does anyone know of a solution to this? From memory I saw about something about using FSUIPC to enable wind smoothing, but I don't have the premium version of that so it is currently not an option for me, my FS funds are allocated to the PMDG 777 right now! Thanks
  4. AnthonyB256

    Fsx Chart Websites

    I guess I've just found a replacement to then, these websites posted look much better!
  5. Lucky it's my summer holidays right now, otherwise I'd be too busy at school thinking about the T7 being released
  6. Wasn't sure originally how much I wanted the 777, but now I've researched it and seen some cockpit shots, I've practically got my credit card ready to type in the second it comes out Great job PMDG, well done! Let's hope it doesn't set me back by $165,000,000 though!