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  1. As I'm sure many of you people using the C&D panel state probably realized, when you get a warning for any little thing, and end up tripping the Master Caution Light... it ends up sticking. Now, for most people, they can just ignore it. However, if you're like me and like to fly long-haul trans-oceanic flights... it sort of breaks the immersion. :( That being said, here is a really clumsy fix, 100% unapproved and may possibly break something method to clear this out.... although I'm absolutely positive PMDG will release a fix for this "soon" /jks. Awesome product guys. Edit: Step 0: Get your plane into a stable state, preferably at cruise altitude and without drama before attempting, Finish this as fast as possible also. 1. While in-flight, create a new panel save. Title it whatever you want. 2. Alt-Shift out to the desktop and navigate to PMDG\PMDG 777X\PanelState 3. Find the file titled <NAME OF YOUR NEW SAVE STATE>.sav 4. Open this up in either notepad or (highly recommended) notepad++ 5. Ctrl+F and search for " TotalMasterCaution " this will be set to -1 (Ahhhh, classic), change this value to 0. 6. You may want to Ctrl-F around using the search term "MasterCaution" and see if there's anything else to clear out (AT YOUR OWN RISK!) 7. Save, go back into FSX and reload your panel.