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  1. Do you have a registered version of FSUIPC and if so do you have Wind Smoothing enabled?
  2. I see...thanks for the useful information. Do you suggest I move the forward catering vehicle to 1R or do you think it is realistic enough that I can just leave it at 2R?
  3. So I was using the Catering Service with GSX today and I noticed one of the vehicles went to the Right Entry 2 door and the other one went to the usual Right Entry 4 door. I'm used to seeing it at Right Entry 1 and Right Entry 4, but I was wondering if this was how a real world 777 would do catering service. Anyone know which doors the real world 777 uses to do their catering service?
  4. Ryan, I have tried your suggestion by disconnecting my yoke from FSX. I loaded the 777 with the engines running, shut down the engines, and started them back up. There is NO thrust increase as of right now. It has been 5 minutes and nothing has happened. N1 remains at idle 21.7%. You were right, somehow my yoke *is* commanding the thrust. Very strange..because as I have said in the previous posts, I do not have anything linked to the yoke to increase/decrease thrust.
  5. I can't update any 777 liveries after the update. When I got to the Livery Downloader and click Update for a livery I get a little pop up that says "Updating (insert airline) Downloading file: " it just stay on the screen for about a minute and then I get another pop up that says "Error downloading file!".
  6. So what do you suggest I do? I've already submitted a ticket to PMDG and they don't know how to fix this problem. I'm out of options at this point...*sigh*
  7. If I just start one engine for example engine #2 and NOT start engine #1, the thrust increase does NOT happen. Engine #2 just stays at idle thrust. I've let it do that for a solid 10 minutes and the thrust hasn't increased on its own. So this means that the thrust only increases when both engines have been started and sat at idle for 30-40 second. Then that is when thrust increases to 54.7% N1. The only key I have assigned to my yoke is the Rudder pedals. I do not have anything assigned to it that has anything to do with increasing/decreasing thrust. The only settings I use FSUIPC for is the Wind Smoothing option. I have not touched any of the other tabs in FSUIPC to assign any joystick assignments. However I would like to point out that when I went to the Settings - Controls section in FSX and clicked on the Control Axes tab and scrolled down to the bottom I noticed that the Throttle Axis assignment was assigned to a "Z Axis". So I highlighted Throttle Axis and clicked on Delete Joystick Assignment and it went away. So my question is what is this "Z Axis" that I saw assigned to the throttles? I also noticed the Aileron Axis was assigned to the X Axis and Elevator Axis assigned to the Y Axis. I know what those are but not sure about the Z Axis. Would anyone care to explain to me? Because removing the Z Axis still hasn't solved the problem for me. The thrust still increases to 54.7% N1 with absolutely no input from me whatsoever. I am not pushing any buttons unintentionally on my yoke. Same thing with my keyboard.
  8. I'm having problems with the thrust increasing on it's own after I start the engines. I use the Saitek Pro Flight yoke without the throttle controls. Meaning I use F1, F2, F3, and F4 to control the thrust. Before I start the engines I press F1 to verify that the thrust levers are at full idle. I have the GPU and Air Start units hooked up to the aircraft while performing the engine start. Here is what I do to start the engines. 1) Left click Start switch to the Start position 2) Right Fuel Control switch to Run 3) Wait for Engine #2 to stabilize 4) Repeat for engine #1 Now this is where the engines start spooling up on their own. For about 30-40 seconds after both engines have stabilized which is now at N1 21.7% everything is where it should be at. Then without warning the both engines spool up to ~54.7% N1 and I have to press F1 to make it go back down to idle. Anyone know why it does this? I have submitted a ticket on the PMDG website but they couldn't help me. I'm hoping somebody has some insight on this. -Thanks in advance :-)
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