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  1. MKULTRA44


    I can't remember which one but one of the manuals states that the method for flaring, unlike the NGX is to fly through 50 feet and only start pitching at 20-30 feet because the aircraft has a tendency to float otherwise. I noticed that when autolanding, the aircraft does this and it looked rough the first time because you look out the front and are convinced that you are going to plough straight into the pavement until an abrupt pitch up. The touchdown was still nice and smooth though. Hope this helps.
  2. MKULTRA44

    Dual Eng Fail simulation

    I might be misinterpreting this, but my understanding was that the flight control laws relate only to the function of the flight computers which take pilot input and translate into physical movement of the flight controls. In your case, provided all computers stayed online, the law shouldn't change because despite the fact that the computers have less toys to play with, they are still functioning correctly. If one were to be taken offline, then a change in law would be expected. I'm just guessing here, not an expert by any means.