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  1. maple-syrup

    Best FSX addons

    FS2Crew NGX Emergency - is all of them put together into one, it's a wonderful tool!
  2. maple-syrup

    TDS B737NG-series Preview

    I shame TDS isn't making a Classic series, as already 2 other designers have made perfectly good NG's, PMDG - Ifly, I hope you will have the 737-300 Classic series on your list sometime! However great looking work, even though I own the PMDG I will be sure to check this out!
  3. maple-syrup

    Is a 777 really this easy to fly?

    I find the PMDG 737NGX Easier to fly, but that's just because my Dad, Uncle are both pilots for United... And they have taught me a lot of stuff about the aircraft...
  4. maple-syrup

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    RV-7A series, Embraer 120, Cessna 150 (tail dragger)...
  5. maple-syrup

    How tall are you?

    5'6 - - (14 years old)
  6. maple-syrup

    TDS B737NG-series Preview

    Awesome! I would like to say the winglets look slightly skinnier than I would expect... The PMDG ones seem wider... Or that just might be me, I fly from the NGX's cockpit anyways so...
  7. maple-syrup

    Official Groundroll Enhancement Thread...

    Thank you so much for all of your effort! I just downloaded the sounds, they're awesome!
  8. maple-syrup

    UPS A300 reported down
  9. maple-syrup

    TDS B737NG-series Preview

    Looks great! I will have another 737 along with my PMDG and Ifly it looks like!
  10. maple-syrup

    757 Query

    I'm with Vadriver!
  11. maple-syrup

    Project Airbus A380 Review

    If you could do the project airbus a320...
  12. maple-syrup

    Project Airbus A380 Review

    No FMC! :(
  13. maple-syrup

    Project Airbus A380 Review

    Same for me Jetsflier. I've heard of a VC for it but I've never found a D/L with it. I can't wait for there A330/A340 series... I want to compare it to the Thomas Ruth aircrafts!
  14. maple-syrup

    Project Airbus A380 Review

    This aircraft has a VC..? I'm a old flight simmer (7 years flying) - - (1 year in real life) and somehow I don't know about a VC for this aircraft in FSX?
  15. maple-syrup

    Project Airbus A380 Review

    I love it this aircraft to, no good payware A380's to counter it.