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  1. Hello everyone, Hopefully someone can help me out with this one, my CRS selectors for the MCP panel on the TBM850 aren't doing anything, in flight they control the HDG bug, it makes it difficult to shoot ILS and VOR related procedures. Using P3D v3.4.
  2. Michel Montreuil

    Installer won't open

    Hello, I just bought FS2CREW for the MJCQ400 on justflight.com. I downloaded the installer and it won't even open in Windows 10, it seems to freeze my Windows Explorer. Anyone else having the same issue?
  3. Michel Montreuil

    Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pro

    I've tried it and it seems to be crashing on FSX:SE, anyone have success yet?
  4. C-BERT is not a Canadian registrations, they only start by C-Fxxx or C-Gxxx.It kinda disappoints me when people do this, i'd think you guys would do some kind of research before hand. @raymar
  5. Michel Montreuil

    Headset adapter problem

    Thanks for your response, This is way more complex than that, The devices show that they are active but i hear faint noise at a high setting and the mic from the headset isn't registering anything. Could anyone think it could be from my headset or maybe even my motherboard?
  6. Hey Guys, I'm hopping someone can help me here. I just bought a EZ-FLITE BS-12 pc to aviation adapter, the headset works fine but my Realtek HD Audio system that comes on my motherboard won't work, so I hear nothing but faint static when I plug it in. The issue is probably my Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio card that I have for my main speakers. I can't use it since it doesn't have a mic in. Any ideas how to set it so I have 2 audio systems working at the same time? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, Here's my problem I have just reinstalled FSX a couple weeks ago after having many issues with it before with an other problem. Now, I own copies of GSX, YVR, LAX, LAS, FLL, ORD and JFK that all use this poor add-on manager system. I also own Flightbeam's KIAD scenery but had not reinstalled it until today, and then I go to start my FSX again and it doesn't even open. I looked on many forums all saying, you must disable your anti-virus and what not... blah blah. Ok, after hours of trial and error, still nothing happens! Why do we as loyal paying customers have to deal with this add-on manager that just brings monumental issues with FSX? Please help me fix this issue, and yes flight simulator works great without the add-on manager installed. 03/07/2014 @ 19:11 EDT I have also installed a fresh install of the add-on manager from the FSDT site with no luck what so ever, aswell as re-building the FSX.CFG and Logbook.BIN
  8. Michel Montreuil

    FSX Problem - Need help

    Re-Installed FSX in the Local disk from setup!
  9. Michel Montreuil

    FSX Problem - Need help

    Could it be the fact that I moved my FSX from Local Disk/Program Files (x86)/ Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X to Local Disk/ Microsoft Flight Simulator X?
  10. Michel Montreuil

    FSX Problem - Need help

    No go same error.... Here's an other screenshot maybe this will give you guys more clues.
  11. Michel Montreuil

    FSX Problem - Need help

    Alright, yes I did install UTX, but what do you mean just like, running it and closing while it's installing?
  12. Michel Montreuil

    FSX Problem - Need help

    Hey guys, Just reinstalled FSX and this is what it gives me... Any ideas for a quick fix?
  13. Michel Montreuil

    NO GEAR, NO CONTROL, Tried evreything

  14. Michel Montreuil

    NO GEAR, NO CONTROL, Tried evreything

    Ok well, is anyone going to help me or just explain to me stuff that doesn't matter to this issue?
  15. Michel Montreuil

    NO GEAR, NO CONTROL, Tried evreything

    Nothing, like I said, it's just the airplane floating in the air, no gear, no controls, nothing!