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  1. allobagamer

    Taking Off From Paro - 737-900 Pmdg

    Hey guys! I've been trying to take off from Paro airport Bhutan, and for some reason i'm not able to establish enough lift to clear the terrain. I'm configured correctly, and i've shed all the weight that i can by using minimum fuel settings and payload!! It's driving me crazy! both runway 33 and 12 were attempted with no success. I can reach up to 140 knots but then i pull back on the yoke and nothing happens.
  2. allobagamer

    ADIRU "ON BAT" light

    The ADIRU is on the hot battery bus, i.e. directly powered from the battery bus bypassing the battery on/off switch. In the case that you turn off your battery switch and "forget" the ADIRU on, the alarm will sound to alert you to the fact that the battery is still supplying current to the ADIRU load - and will likely be depleted by the time you try to power up for your flight back home. This is a common power attachment for critical systems that need to be on when all else fails.
  3. allobagamer

    Scenery Hiccups at KSEA

    Thanks a lot guys!!! meshman's fix worked like a charm!! Thanks a lot!!!!!! Tommy, just out of curiosity, what did you mean by adding entries into the scenery library? Create dummy folders? or did you mean for me to copy them from the targets you listed above into the scenery library folder?
  4. allobagamer

    Scenery Hiccups at KSEA

    I see your post now, I hope this is what you're asking for i.e. not the actual folders in Windows?
  5. allobagamer

    Scenery Hiccups at KSEA

    Here's a snapshot of the levitating planes :mellow:
  6. allobagamer

    Scenery Hiccups at KSEA

    I'll try that and report back! More details on the issue, during a multi session last night I also noticed that other planes are positioned higher than my plane. I took a snap shot but can't seem to figure out how to attache it to this post.
  7. allobagamer

    Scenery Hiccups at KSEA

    Hey guys! I'm a nooby and this is my first post so go easy on me I've recently installed a couple of FSX add-ons, to be specific i used REX Essential FTX Central (Northwest America) and GEX Europe I've realized that my machine and graphics card are not powerful enough to run all above with acceptable frames/sec, so i reverted back to the original scenery files thought that in itself deserves another topic post. [AMD FX 8350 8 Core, 4.2GHz overclocked at 4.4GHz + AMD Radeon HD 7950 3gb + 8 Gigs of RAM] I made sure to restore my original scenery files however, when spawning in Seattle Airport KSEA, i found that the scenery and ground profiles were corrupted, meaning that a couple of hills are on my runway! see attached photo. When i enable FTX however, the hills disappear! Any help will be great! Thanks in advance!