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  1. I have moved all kinds of cameras during the flight. Ezdok 1.17 license. This effect only in 777
  2. Hello! Do I need to set additional parameters in nVidea Inspector for the system SLI? Thank you!
  3. Hello! Are there any recommendations for GTX 780ti? has updated its GTX 780) Difference colossal.
  4. Do not install 334.89 !!! Yesterday was OOM with 32GB of RAM( With 334.69 all OK. Good luck!
  5. Dear Sirs pilots! Help defeat the artifacts on the GTX 780 in the form of glare and flickering textures( Installed a different driver and settings. OOM never felt as 32GB of RAM. Stable 35 FPS in VC. Outside 65 Help please.
  6. http://www.fsrepaint.ru/index.php?do=cat&category=737800 take please!
  7. Driver 326,8 does not affect my settings simulator! With the previous version everything is fine.
  8. I noticed one moment, if you put bufferpoolz "0" and FSX.cfg, the simulator is much faster! This value can be put, if you have a 16 GB+ of RAM Tested and approved!) With respect!
  9. I set the last screenshot Richard. Only lock fps I have 40. So much better. As it will be you, I don't know IMPORTANT! There's a brand new update Nvidia driver, do NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!!! He mess it up! 326.41 what you need! Good luck with the settings!
  10. How to remove fuzzy labels in 2D panel? They spoil everything. The rest is very beautiful!
  11. I succeeded!!! established DX11, installed the new driver, configured the inspector. Thank you so much!!!
  12. I am currently at work, make screenshots in the evening. Thanks for the help, Richard! Good night!
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