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  1. Bentree1961

    ORBX update seems to effect my PMDG B738 NGX

    Hi Dan, Thanks for jumping in. After reinstalling NGX it did not load up properly too. I know that we should load up FSX in default first. What i try to do now is to uninstall NGX, ubdate Objectflow and after that reinstall NGX. Maybe that will do something, because this is what i did not do untill now. Regards, Ben
  2. Hello, FSX told me during startup that ORBX Objectflow.dll can be updated to the new version and asked me if i wanted that. After confirming FSX shut down and ORBX objectflow.dll is downloaded and installed. After that FSX can be restarted. I did this four times, every single time it effects the PMDG B738 product. What happens after updating Objectflow.dll is that: 1. FSX is starting up much slower. 2. When selecting a pre-saved PMDG B738 situation, the PMDG product is not initialising and the gauges are blacked out. Restarting the situation of the aircraft is not solving the problem, also not reinstalling the aircraft or save a new situation and try again. To solve the problem i had to use Acronis and install back a backup. I was working on this for three weeks and set updates back for four times already. For me it is clear that this problem is caused by the objectflow update from ORBX, but nobody reported any issue like this on the ORBX forum. Are there more people having this problem? Or better, is this an known (and solved) issue? My FSX is running ok now after installing my backup, but every time i startup FSX i have to ignore the objectflow update report by clicking "no" (do not install the updateflow update). I am talking about FSX, not FSX SE. Kind regards, Ben